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LuaPlayer Plus
AuthorNaNnI, Rinnegatamante
Last Updated2012/05/01
[r163 · r142 Download]

Lua Player Plus is a Lua Interpreter for the PSP. It allows you to quickly create games or applications using the powerful Lua scripting language.

This is a mod of the original LUA Player Euphoria and HM7 made by Zack and HomeMister for Playstation Portable. Lua Player Plus supports PSP, PSP Go as well as PSVITA (the PSP version is made by NaNnI and Rinnegatamante).

User guide

Documantation and samples included in previous release.



  • Enhanced RAM allocation (Now you have MAX RAM - 1 MB)
  • Added image:printUnderline function.
  • Added image:printGradient function.
  • Added image:printVertical function.
  • Added image:drawCircle function.
  • Added image:printCenter function.
  • Added Image.negative function.
  • Enhanced image:print function. Now, it support accented characters.
  • Added System.unrar function.
  • Added System.buttonPressed function.
  • Added System.getDate function.
  • Added System.getTime function.
  • Added System.usbDevUMD function
  • Added System.usbDevFlash3 function.
  • Added System.usbDevFlash2 function.
  • Added System.usbDevFlash1 function.
  • Added System.usbDevFlash0 function.
  • Fixxed System.msgDialog function.
  • Fixxed System.osk function.
  • Fixxed RemoteJoy sample.
  • Added Unrar sample.
  • Added SCE Utilities sample.


  • Homemister for LPHM sourcecode.
  • Zack & Shine for LP Euphoria sourcecode.
  • ab5000 for support on
  • valantin for sceIoMvdir and sceIoCpdir improved functions.
  • Dark_AleX for usbdevice.
  • VirtuosFlame & ColdBird for iso drivers and kuBridge.
  • sakya for Media Engine.
  • Booster & silverspring for EEPROM write/read functions.
  • Akind for RemoteJoyLite.
  • cooleyes for mpeg4 lib.
  • Arshia001 for PSPAALib.
  • InsertWittyName & MK2k for PGE sourcecode.
  • Youresam for LUA BMPLib.
  • Raphael for vram manager code.
  • Dynodzzo for LSD concepts.
  • ab_portugal for Image.negative function.
  • JiCé for drawCircle function.
  • Rapper_skull & DarkGiovy for testing LuaPlayer Plus and coming up with some neat ideas for it.

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