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Image Viewer
AuthorInfantile Paralysiser
Last Updated2008/04/14

Infantile Paralysiser's Image Viewer works by converting the pictures into a special format using the PC end of the application and viewing them in an iPhoto-like environment on DS.


Download and unzip file, it is necessary to covert your photos to build your picture library with the software provided in the file.

Prepare pictures:

Run img2ipk.exe, select your preferred language.

Drag your image folders into the window and click Start.

An ipk file will be created on your desktop, this contains your selected images.

Set up DS ImageViewer:

Run MakeNDSROM.exe, select your preferred language. Click Select Create NDS Rom for all adaptors.

A range of NDS files will then be created. Copy the following files to the same folder on your homebrew.

The imgview10_.nds file with a name extension that matches your device.

The ipk file of your images from previous steps.

For high-quality images, switch from customjpeg mode to ZLIB mode for the high-quality (file size will be large).

User guide

About cache memory:

Since v1.0 an efficient memory management is introduced and you can use dual screen mode without extended memory.

However, it is recommended to use the extended memory together because it becomes heavy (from around 1024x768 or more) for large images.

Compatible expansion memory is M3 for GBA, SC for GBA, EZ4 for GBA, memory expansion cartridge bundled with DS browser, EZ 3in1 Expansion Pack.

GBA M3/SC/EZ4 cannot be used when booted from a DS card. SC/EZ4 for GBA needs to configure setting in imgview.ini.

If the operation is unstable, there is a memory test tool on the 4th page of the slideshow option, so please check it.


Up/Down/Left/Right/L and A/B/X/Y/R are the same functions for left and right handed. All work can be basically done with the icon and the touch panel.

IPK file selection mode:

Icon top left - Change backlight brightness

Up/Down - Move cursor

L - Decision (to thumbnail mode)

Start - Soft reset, Moves to the slide show setting mode

Thumbnail mode:

Icon top left - Change backlight brightness

Icon top right - Return to IPK file selection mode

Icon middle top - Toggle switch of vertical and horizontal

Icon middle bottom - Move to the slide show setting mode

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move cursor

L - Decision (to view mode)

Start - Soft reset, Move to the slide show setting mode

Select - Return to IPK file selection mode

Slide show setting mode:

Start - Soft reset, Slide show beginning

View mode:

Icon top left - Change backlight brightness

Icon top right - Return to thumbnail mode

Icon bottoom left - Previous image

Icon bottom right - Next subsequent page

Icon top middle left - Toggle switch of vertical and horizontal

Icon top middle right - Toggle 'Single screen and preview mode' and 'Double screen mode'

Icon middle bottom - Change reduction rate

Up/Down/Left/Right - Move cursor

Start - Soft reset, Move to the slide show setting mode

L - Enhance command menu

L+Up - Thumbnail mode

L+Left - Previous image

L+Right - Next subsequent page

L+Select - Position menu


Version 1.1 2008/04/14

  • Various, detailed corrections.
  • When the IPK file was made, the bug that EXIF information is not turned off was corrected.
  • The drag & drop of the folder can be done to 'img2ipk.exe' (auto convert & automatic termination).
  • The IPK file search was optimized and the start was sped up.
  • The FAT driver was optimized. The simple check disk was more fast.

Version 1.0 2007/10/17

  • Improved to use the memory more efficiently.
  • The simple disk check and the ARM9 memory check were added to boot-up.
  • PSRAM of 'EZ 3in1 Expansion Pack' can be used as an caching memory.
  • The IPK file that exceeds 8 files can be treated.
  • The view mode was sped up.
  • The DLDI driver was updated.
  • A small bug that existed in img2ipk.exe was corrected.
  • 'Large size limitation' of img2ipk.ini was removed.
  • The starting position and the end position of the slide show are resumed.
  • The customjpeg mode of the IPK format has been improved. Please encode again with img2ipk.exe.

Version 0.7 2007/07/31

  • The DLDI patch files was updated.
  • Some it rewrote by the assembler and it sped it up a little.
  • Soft reset was assigned to the START button.
  • StartButtonFunction item was added to [System] section of imgview.ini.

Version 0.6 2007/01/06

  • The disk driver was completely changed to DLDI.
  • Attention: Start NDSROM file name was changed.

Version 0.5 2006/11/25

  • The user interface was changed a little.
  • Addition of English manual by my poor translation.
  • 'PNG image with alpha channel' can be correctly converted.
  • Corresponded to EZ4/DSLink. I wish to express my deep gratitude to Rudolph.
  • 'The cartridge of enhancing the memory of DS browser' can be used for the cache memory.
  • Imgview verifies the disk writing. Auto-retries when abnormality is detected.

Version 0.42 2006/11/14

  • When the START button is pushed in the IPK file selection mode, the slide show is begun directly.
  • The folder of the same name as IPK is performed in the slide show (retrieval order example.ipk->example/* .mp3->example.mp3->imgview.mp3->NoBGM).
  • The BGM setting page was added to the slide show setting screen.
  • When M3/EZ4 is used, two screen (open wide) mode can be used. Added toggle icon.
  • The single screen crossing fade effect was added in the slide show.

Version 0.41 2006/11/11

  • When the slide show was reproduced for a long time at the same time as BGM, the bug that CPU stops was corrected.
  • The BGM file is selected when there are IPK file and MP3 file of this name (retrieval order example.ipk->example.mp3->imgview.mp3->NoBGM).

Version 0.4 2006/11/10

  • The scroll speed-up was done in double screen mode of the slide show.
  • A small bug of the slide show was mended.
  • EZ4 was supported (Thank you for Ko-tei).
  • A long file name was made to be scrolled when the IPK file was selected.
  • The reduction rate (37%/50%/62%/75%/87%/100%/125%/150%/175%/200%) was added, and the icon was added.
  • The custom jpeg format was added for small file size (It is compatible with an old IPK file).
  • A small bug was corrected.
  • The user interface was changed a little.

Version 0.3 2006/11/03

  • Some fatal bugs were corrected by the disk access and the file search.
  • A vertical mode and a horizontal mode can be chosen (Added function icon).
  • In a single mode of the slide show, the right and left can be chosen.

Version 0.26+3 beta 2006/11/01

  • The bug that stopped while retrieving the folder was corrected.

Version 0.26+2 2006/10/26

  • The bug that became a mirror image if it rotated by 90 degrees in the slide show mode was corrected.

Version 0.26+1 2006/10/25

  • The bug that might not be displayed to high-speed scroll in a thumbnail mode was corrected.

Version 0.26 2006/10/25

  • The slide show mode was added.
  • If the START button is pushed, it becomes a slide show mode.
  • It returns to the previous when the SELECT button is pushed.
  • The starting position can be set by pushing the L+SELECT button in the view mode (From four corners).
  • The user interface was changed a little.

Version 0.25 2006/10/23

  • Even if the reduction ratio was changed, the cursor position was maintained.
  • The reduction ratio change icon was brought together in the pop-up menu.
  • The function was allocated in UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and L button (Or, A/B/X/Y and R button) respectively.
  • The preservation folder of the IPK file can be specified with img2ipk.exe.
  • When a thumbnail mode was begun, the cursor position was corrected in the screen inside.
  • A small bug was corrected.
  • The user interface was changed a little.

Version 0.24 2006/10/21

  • The reduction rate can be chosen from 25%/50%/100%/150%/200%.
  • The screen effect can be skipped by double-clicking.
  • The batch conversion of two or more folders can be done with img2ipk.exe.

Version 0.23 2006/10/20

  • The memory leak bug of the view mode was corrected.
  • EZ4 was invalidated.

Version 0.22 2006/10/18

  • The corner icon was added.
  • The backlight of NDSLite is changed.
  • When the cap is shut, the backlight is turned off.
  • The resume function is added.
  • The memory leak bug of the file selection was corrected.

Version 0.21 2006/10/16

  • When any IPK file was not found, the error message was displayed.

Version 0.2 2006/10/16

  • The file selector and the view mode were made.

Version 0.1 2006/10/15

  • Only a thumbnail function was made.

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