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Magic Numbers
Last Updated2010/09/01

Magic Number (Spanish) is a homebrew brain teaser game for the NDS. It is a guessing game where you have to guess a number correctly based on the clues given by the program.

This homebrew is submitted to the Scenery Beta 2010.

User guide

A random number will be chosen between 0 and X, which you will have a limited number of attempts to guess the number (X and number of attempts depend on the difficulty mode).

Your goal is to find out the correct number. Enter a number and the program will tell you whether it is higher or lower than the one you have thought, so that you can think about it and in the end, find out, and get your points.

  • EASY - The game picks a random number from 0 to 50, you have 10 attempts.
  • NORMAL - The game picks a random number from 0 to 100, you have 10 attempts.
  • MEDIUM - The game picks a random number from 0 to 150, you have 10 attempts.
  • HARD - The game picks a random number between 0 and 200, you have 5 attempts.
  • CUSTOM - Perhaps this is the best way to play, since you can specify the maximum number and attempts to create your own game mode and thus try to improve yourself.

The game has a background music of approximately 3m30sec, which can be listened to while you play, or deactivated in the main menu.


The game is controlled entirely with the touchscreen.

+1 button - Add 1 to your number

-1 button - Subtract 1 from your number

+10 button - Add 10 to your number

-10 button - Subtract 10 from your number

OK button - Enter number

X button - Exit to main menu


magicnumber2.png magicnumber3.png


Magic Number DS - Scenery Beta 2010 (ismaro3)


Tested on EX4i (firmware 1.30).


The background music is copyleft, ie, has no copyright. Everything else is completely done by Isma--ro3.

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