Super Extreme Smile

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Super Extreme Smile
AuthorOBJECTION! (LaPatateInc)
Last Updated2010/08/20
TypeArcade Games

A rolling smile. Super Extreme Smile is a DS homebrew arcade game with an original concept, and uses libnds directly. The development started June 28th and completed by LaPatateInc alone. There are 15 campaign maps, 6 music.

It is created by LaPatateInc for the Neo Coding Compo 2010.


  • 15 in-game maps.
  • Ability to load and save your own map.
  • 50 Achievements.
  • Cool options.
  • 6 different music which you can adjust speed.


Download and extract file.

Copy .nds file to anywhere of the card, the smile folder to the root directory of the card (data folder inside smile folder).

User guide

In Super Extreme Smile, you are a Smile.

The rolling smile cannot move, the only way to move it is to use the touchscreen to rotate all the world around it.

The smile is affected by gravity and thus, moving. Every time you rotate the screen, it keeps it's original velocity.

There are 59 tiles. Each tiles should explain itself. Maps are 124x60 tiles.

There are 50 achievements. Some will be done with time, some take skills. Some requires you to create a map to achieve it.

You can save with whatever name you want, 16 characters maximum. And can always change it afterwards with Windows.

Options menu

  • Change language (English or French).
  • Flash or not.
  • Pause (mostly for debugging).
  • Music volume.
  • Music tempo.
  • Music changing automatically when change mode.

The Editor

You can create your map, save them on the DS, load them again.

The editor is easy to use. Each tiles are sampled on the top screen, and switch screen by pressed L or R.

Then you can change tile, zoom, save, load or move around on the minimap.


Select - Change mode


Stylus - Move

L/R - Stop Time (Use this)

Motion - Move (While time is Stopped with L or R, DS must be vertical)

Down/B - Restart from checkpoint

Up/X - Restart from start

Start - Pause

The Editor:

D-Pad/A/B/X/Y - Move

Start - Change language in rotation

Stylus - Place tiles

L/R+Stylus - Swap screen and every control (change tile, save, load, zoom, move around faster)


superextremesmile2.png superextremesmile3.png

superextremesmile4.png superextremesmile5.png


Super Extreme Smile (Francois Lachance-Guillemette)


Recommend playing on a flashcard because it won't save on a emulator. When exit, it loses all progress.

Since some achievements are only available for flashcard, thus cannot get them all on a emulator.

Known issues

Collisions should all work, be aware there are sometimes bugs with velocity too high.


All musics are from author's sister, except: Main Menu and Rythmic Music, by LaPatateInc.

Maps 1-2-4-5-11-13 are from author's Brother, the others from LaPatateInc.

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