Inferno DS

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AuthorNoah Evans, Salva Peiró, Mechiel Lukkien
Last Updated2010/08/24
TypeOperating systems
LicenseGNU GPLv2

Inferno DS: Native Inferno Kernel for the Nintendo DS, is a port of the Inferno Operating system to the Nintendo DS.

Inferno DS aims to use the distributed nature of Inferno with the variety of input methods, for the hardware capabilities of the DS like wifi, touchscreen, graphics & audio (see TechnicalBackground) to create new and interesting ways of interacting with computational resources.

The port is starting to be usable, that means that limbo programs (dis code) runs on Inferno's Dis VM.


  • Both lcd screens (including the touch).
  • Access to spi devices (arm7): touch, rtc, firmware, power, mic.
  • Mpu and caches are working.
  • Fifos for processor communication between arm7 and arm9.
  • Audio support (play and record).
  • Sd card storage works with: ior4tf, iompcf.


The following builds are included:

  • isds-r175.nds - inferno-ds, fixes to screen.c, r4ds reads and arm7/touch.c (rev 175).
  • isds-r165.nds - inferno-ds, experimental but working: caches, sound, wifi ap scans, mpcf storage (rev 165).
  • icds.nds - inferno-ds with collection of games and CpCpmu enabled.
  • desmume-undf.patch - desmume changes to mimic ds behaviour on undefined instruction.
  • isds-r136.nds - inferno-ds, still with CpCmpu disabled (rev 136).

User guide

To setup/build own i$CONF.nds file follow the INSTALL file.

After build launch the resulting i$CONF.nds file on DS.

At boot time it prompts for the source location of the root fs, choose your selection using the direction keys on DS.

Currently the only usable option is root from: kernel after the prompt, a window manager wm(1) instance is started to interact/launch/control programs using a menu-like interface.

Known issues

Still the port is far from finished, so the port is a WIP (work in progress) and WiFi networking feature is absented.



  • Fixes to screen.c, r4ds reads and arm7/touch.c (rev 175).


  • Experimental but working: caches, sound, wifi ap scans, mpcf storage (rev 165).

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