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The SMS Center
AuthorMichele Toriello (.:Mik:.)
Last Updated2010/03/12

An application for Nintendo DS that can send SMS to mobile phones for free and with tremendous speed. It is available in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Japan and the UK.

Note: Supercard France no longer support TheSMSCenter. So, at least at the moment, it's not possible to send SMS from the DS.

User guide

User can send SMS to and from Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan and the UK. User may also use the application to other purposes, such as visiting and sending messages to the Wall (the wall), and on Facebook, where each user leaves your comment and others can see.

To send SMS you need to add before the international number of the country forward (in Spain +34).

Available The Wall function, we can see the last 10 messages sent and we can add one by simply typing the message and leaving blank space address. To open it you have to press the stylus on the right tab and press.

The application contains an agenda where we keep our contacts and select from the list and when we want to send an SMS.

To make use of the application will need to register at the official website and follow the steps there.

Available in several languages ​​(not Spanish), change from paragraph options, accessible from the tab which houses the icon of The Wall.

To make use of the application is required:

  • Sign on the official website (which requires entering name and password).
  • A valid email address (required to complete registration).
  • Mobile phone with a functional number (no matter who is Spanish, it just takes it to receive messages or calls). You also need to complete the registration.
  • A DS.
  • Wi-Fi.

Note: In the rar is a file called TheSMSCenter-tool1#.nds to be executed only if you have used the contact list of previous versions TheSMSCenter if the first time you use this application, you can forget it serves to update the list.


Stylus - Move through the application

Up/Down - Change fill space (user, password, target, etc)


Tested on iPlayer (OS 1.2 firmware 1.0.6).

Known issues

Sometimes disconnects from the server, so do not be alarmed, it's completely normal, you should just try again.


Version 3.0 2010/03/12

  • Order to open routes to Spain, UK and Japan, and can send SMS to these countries.
  • Added the function TMS, to send DS to DS, using the username.
  • Some bugs fixed in stability.
  • New and improved main menu.
  • Added a cursor in the section of texting.
  • Improved contact book (PhoneBook), now no limit contacts, contacts can be deleted and added the contacts search function.
  • Decreased timeout sending new SMS just 3 seconds.

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