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AuthorStudio Kagato (Kagato)
Last Updated2006/08/31

Reactor is a Breakout-inspired game made by Kagato (Andrew Carpenter). It was written in Lua orginally and a stand alone Eboot edition was released for the latest version.

This is an entry from the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2006 (PSP Games, 10th place).


Copy the Reactor and Reactor% directories from the ZIP archive to the /PSP/GAME/ directory on your PSP.

User guide

You must eliminate all the particles from the Reactor. Use the Deflector Shield to direct the Proton into the particles. Do not allow the Proton to touch the Reactor wall, or you will lose energy.

The Shield will instantly move to the position of the analog stick, but you will still need quick reflexes...

With each level, an additional particle is introduced to the Reactor, and the Proton's velocity increases slightly. You regain a little energy each level.

How many levels can you complete?


Base value for eliminating a particle is 10 points.

If the Proton hits the Shield or wall without hitting a particle first, the value is reduced by 1 point (to a minimum of 5 points).

Hit multiple particles with one shot for a chain reaction. Successive particles in a chain reaction multiplies the value (e.g. 3-hit chain: 10 points > 20 points > 30 points = 60 point total).

At the end of each level gain 10 points per unit of energy remaining (full energy is worth 100 points).

Play Tips

To maximize score, try to hit a particle with each shot, and where possible, aim for a chain reaction.

The Deflector Shield alters the trajectory of the Proton depending on where it hits; towards each edge of the Shield, the Proton is increasingly deflected in that direction. Use this to fine-tune your aim.

Hitting the Proton at a shallow angle can cause it to bounce rapidly along the Reactor wall; you'll need to get the Shield ahead of the Proton and hit it with the trailing edge of the Shield to deflect it away from the wall.

Hitting it with the leading edge will drive it even closer to the wall.


Analog - Move the shield

Start - Pause game

Cross - Instructions (in main menu), Fire (in game)





Developed for PSP with Firmware 1.5. Users of Firmware versions 2.0+ are advised to use the Lua release.


1.3 Stand Alone Edition

  • Proton velocity is now Timer-based. The game speed would change depending on framerate in earlier versions; speed should now remain constant per level.
  • Speed increase per level reduced slightly.
  • Particle sprites updated to have a chrome appearance.


  • Changed table iterators for compatibility with LuaPlayer v0.20/Lua v5.1.


  • Removed use of truetype font to improve compatibility.


  • Initial release.


Thanks to Zion for his tip on creating stand-alone Lua applications using PSPBrew.

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