Around The Clock

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Around The Clock
AuthorGareth Bennett (Gaz)
Last Updated2009/08/13
TypeOther Games

Around The Clock is a DS homebrew game based on the darts pub game around the clock. Work the way around the board starting for 1 through to 20; then hit the outer bull, then the bull to finish.

This homebrew was presented in the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009.

User guide

The objective is to hit 1-20 then bulls-eye to win.

There are three levels of difficulty, which affects the force and the deviation on the dart:

  • Easy, Singles (all singles from 1 to 20).
  • Medium, Doubles (all doubles from 1 to 20).
  • Hard, Trebles (all trebles from 1 to 20).

The dart will drop-out if you hit the metal on the dartboard, or the tip of the dart hits another dart.

Watch the power bar when throwing the dart as this will change the trajectory of the dart. Always try and throw at maximum power.

Submit high scores to the leaderboard.


D-Pad - Move dart

B - Throw dart

X - Music on/off


aroundtheclock2.png aroundtheclock3.png


version 2

  • All Bugs have been fixed.
  • Game has been made easier as it was a little too hard.

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