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Author(s)Simon Kagstrom
TypeComputer emulator


UAE is a famous Amiga emulator ported to the Wii. UAE Wii can be found on googlecode at, and is based on the source code of E-UAE. It allows you to play Stunt car racer, Turrican, Midwinter and the other good old Amiga games on your Wii. The port uses SDL Wii.

You can read about the current status on my blog. Interested developers should mail me at [email protected] and I'll give you commit access to the googlecode repository.

Budbrain megademo on the wii
Stunt car racer on the wii


Untar the binary release on your SD card, which gives you a structure as follows:


Amiga kickstart images go into uae/roms/, with the default name from uaerc being kick.rom. Thereafter put your floppy images in uae/floppies/ and you are set to go. You can also load the images from usb HD or from computer through SMB protocol.

Where do I get Amiga kickstart roms?

The easiest way to legally get a set of Amiga kickstart roms (and games) is to buy the Amiga forever CD from Cloanto. To use this with UAE-Wii, perform the following steps on your host computer:

1. Copy everything from the "/Amiga Files/Shared/adf" directory on your Amiga Forever CD to /uae/roms/ on your SD card.

2. Copy /Amiga Files/Shared/rom/amiga-os-130.rom to /uae/roms/kick.rom on your SD card

3. If you have upgraded from an older version than 3, remove /uae/uaerc.saved from your SD card

You can also dump the kickstart-rom of one of your own real Amigas, this requires a rom-dumper program (can be found here) and you will need to be able to transfer files to and from your Amiga. The easiest way to achieve this is to also use an Amiga that can write PC-DOS disks (Amiga Workbench 2.0 or higher) or by using a terminal program on both ends and a null-modem cable. Lemon Amiga has more help on the subject here, they also explain how to transfer games.


UAE is very configurable, so take some time to lookup how the configuration file format works. There are three configuration files, uaerc, uaerc.saved and uaerc.user. A lot of configuration options are configurable from the menu system, and UAE wii will save the current configuration as uaerc.saved if something has been changed. The contents of this file will override the defaults in uaerc, and the contents of uaerc.user (optional) will override both other configuration files.

You can also load games from your computer with a wi-fi connection through SMB protocol. You should configure uaerc.smb file and select the option in the option menu. See the tinysmb page for additional information and troubleshooting.

The menu support allows selecting which amiga model to emulate. When switching model, UAE wii will try to load a matching kickstart image and thereafter reset the computer. If the kickstart is not found, it will keep the current, but remember that this might not give you a functioning Amiga. The model/kickstart mapping is as follows:

  • A1000: uae/roms/amiga-os-120.rom / uae/roms/kick12.rom
  • A500: uae/roms/amiga-os-130.rom / uae/roms/kick13.rom
  • A600: uae/roms/amiga-os-205.rom / uae/roms/kick205.rom
  • A1200: uae/roms/amiga-os-310.rom / uae/roms/kick31.rom


The googlecode page for UAE Wii contains build instructions, first look at those if you want to build UAE Wii.


Version 6

  • Added SMB support
  • Added USB FAT mass storage support
  • Many menu improvements (new colors, new popup messages, browsing with nunchuk, wider screen, etc.)
  • Added nunchuck menu browsing
  • Configuration file saved manually
  • Several improvements in input configuration menu (single wiimote configurations, snd and trd button joystick, enable/disable mouse emulation, etc.)
  • Name of the loaded file in the menu header
  • Added logfile option
  • Fixed correct aspect option (to adapt the Amiga screen to Wii screen)
  • Fixed mouse jerkiness
  • Fixed second Joystick configuration issue
  • Other small fixes

Version 5.1

  • (Binary) Rebuild against the latest devkitPPC (r24), libogc (1.8.7) and SDL (restores keyboard support)

Version 5

  • Fix the workbench graphics issue
  • (Binary) Rebuild against the latest devkitPPC, libogc and SDL (fixes some SD corruption issues caused by the old libfat)

Version 4

  • Support for the Mario Kart wheel in games where it makes sense to use it (stunt car racer!)
  • (Binary) Rebuild against the latest devkitPPC, libogc and SDL

Version 3

  • Correct banner showing errors. With this fix, a dialogue box is now opened if kick.rom is missing
  • Support Cloanto's amiga forever ROMs in the default config

Version 2

  • Allow configuring most important options from the menu (Amiga models etc)
  • Fix Nunchuk/Classic controller conflict
  • Add virtual keyboard to set keyboard-to-controller-button bindings
  • Store configuration when modified in the menu and allow uaerc.user to override the configuration
  • Saving and restoring states now work
  • Harddisk support is now built in, but works so-so (and has no menu support)
  • Hundreds of small fixes here and there

Version 1

  • Initial release
  • This version has only received light testing and there will be bugs
    • Graphics look bad in Workbench, but hey - who cares about that?
  • There is a menu, but few menu options actually work. Patches are welcome!

Other topics


UAE is GPLv2. I've always liked the "PostcardWare" concept though, so if someone likes the emulator, send a postcard to

Simon Kågström
Birkagatan 21A
113 36 Stockholm

Other UAE Wii implementations

"Gouky" has ported UAE4All to the Wii as well, and has now also released the source code for it. You can get the source code here. Unfortunately, the differences between E-UAE and UAE4All are large, so it will be difficult to integrate changes from there.

Thanks to

  • The upstream developers who did more than 99.995% of the work!
  • Christopher Follett from the PSPUAE project who has implemented a large chunk of the Amiga setup code and made various other improvements
  • Tantric for the various improvements of SDL without which this would have been impossible
  • Knitax for various suggestions on the code and the icon