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AuthorRudolph (Emperor)
Last Updated2009/11/25
TypeSystem Tools

NDS Backup Tool FTPd turns your DS into an FTP server. It is a new variation of NDS Backup Tool series from Rudolph. This version is similar to the Wi-Fi backup tool, however FTPd turns the DS into an FTP server. Users can then connect to DS via their favourite FTP client and transfer ROM image and Save directly from the DS card to any location on your PC. V0.11 is more stable than the initial release and also a little bit faster.


Note: It is possible that problems such as corruption of SAVE data in the NDS ROM may occur. Please use at your own risk.

A wireless access point supported with wifi is needed. You can adjust setting of WFC (the connection with Wifi-AP) in advance using Wifi corresponding software like Mario Kart DS.

Download and extract file.

DLDI patch .nds file and open .ini file with any text editor to set a username password and port.

Copy both .nds and .ini files to the root directory of the card.

User guide

Run NDS_Backup_Tool_FTPd.nds. Starting the FTP client software from PC (enter the username, password and IP address that recorded in .ini from DS).

NDS_Backup_Tool_FTPd.ini is the configuration file for entering the settings such as network (login user name). All lines begin with # and ! are treated as comments.

  • ServerPort 21 - Specify the system port number of FTPd (FTP server). Default value is 21.
  • FTPUser anonymous - Specify the user name when logging in to FTPd (FTP server). Default value is anonymous.
  • FTPPassword any @ anonymous - Specify the password for logging in to FTPd (FTP server). Default is any @ anonymous. The password will not be checked if username is anonymous.
  • SaveFile 0 - Specifies the size of the SAV file when backing up ROM SAVE.
    • The unit is KByte. If 0 is specified, it will be the ROM SAVE size (initial value is 0).
    • Use 512 for R4/M3S and 520 for DSLink.


X - Back up NDS ROM of Slot-1 (when backup is finished, it will logout from FTPd)

Start - Exit FTPd and shut down NDS


This homebrew does not work on DSi.


V0.11 2009/11/25

  • ESS-ID (closed cover) support, "ANY" can connect even if you allow the connection.
  • AOSS support setting "Wireless Easy Start" is unchecked by default
  • Stabilization and faster communication speed

V0.10 2009/11/14

  • Try to create based on "NDS Backup Tool series".



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