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Last Updated2009/09/01
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PSPCleaner is an application tool that can clean the flash1 and the Memory Stick of you PSP. It deletes files such as cookies, search history, many more. In addition, it will display important aspects of your PSP and can fix the vague pixels that are on the screen.

It was submitted to the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2009 (PSP Applications, 7th place) and the Scenery Beta 2009 (PSP Applications, 2nd place).

User guide

This application is able to clean/erase files on the Memory Stick including:

  • Internet History.
  • Internet Bookmark.
  • (Configuration VSH Menu).
  • Background in XMB.
  • Internet's Cookies.
  • Google's Search.
  • Autoidentification.
  • Iso.cache.
  • Config.uvm (Configuration Ultimate VSH Menu).
  • LuaPlayerHM8 Drivers.
  • Nand-dump.bin (in the root of Memory Stick).
  • IPL.bin (in the root of Memory Stick).
  • Eeprom.bin (in the root of Memory Stick).
  • Radio Player 1.
  • Radio Player 2.
  • Skype Files.
  • Hist.txt of Plugin Protect-me.
  • Virtual Globe or Virtual 3D Heart files.
  • PReSS files.
  • Cookie of DownPSP.
  • Themes.
  • Music.
  • Pictures.
  • Videos.
  • Despertar del Cementerio Files.
  • Back-Up's files of Hellcat's Recovery Flasher.
  • Videos from PSPTube.
  • INFOBOARD files.
  • RSS Channels.
  • All plugins.
  • SaveData.
  • Radio Clips.
  • The portals (the Common folder).


Pixel Recovery:

D-Pad - Move cursor

Square - Flash squares

Cross - Increase/Decrease speed

Select - Change cursor

Circle - Change background

R - Change Background

Triangle - Back to menu


D-Pad - Select action

Cross - Execute action


Advised not to be used on ChickHEN.



  • Fixed bug regarding Ad-Hoc testing, now it works in both languages.
  • Fixed bug regarding formatting Flash1.
  • Improved by removing LPHM8 Drivers.
  • Code cleaning.
  • More stable.
  • Fixed bug when deleting cookies, an error would appear in the English language.
  • Fixed some translations.
  • It contains a "Folder Creator" , it will create the missing folders on our Memory Stick.
  • Fixed bug when restoring Flash1, now it is 100% functional.
  • Better performance in Ad-Hoc test, now check if the WLAN button is on or off.
  • Now delete videos from PSPTube. (You should have the folder called "PSPTube" and have the videos in "favorites".
  • Now delete INFOBOARD files.
  • Delete RSS Channels.
  • Delete all plugins.
  • Delete the SaveData's.
  • Delete Radio Clips.
  • Clear the portals (Deletes the COMMON folder).
  • Erase the NAND Back-Up with Hellcat's Recovery Flasher homebrew.

v1.4 Beta

  • More speed.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Remodel of menu and all application.
  • 20 files more to clean/erase
  • More Stable.
  • Dump Flash0.
  • Dump Flash1.
  • Restore Flash1.
  • Test Adhoc.
  • Information System very good and bug fixes of there.
  • More languages (English).
  • Fix Pixels Stunks.
  • Automatic Update.

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