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Flashcart OS
Last Updated2008/03/20
TypeHomebrew Launchers

Flashcart OS (N) is the Novice version of Flashcart OS. It was formerly called Flashcart OS: Slot-1 Edition, which is a homebrew menu with an integrated .nds loader. The menu is M3 simply/R4DS based and has to be patched with a DLDI file of your card. You can skin this file with a M3 ds simply/R4DS skin, that you have renamed and converted to the .gif format.

Flashcart OS: N 2.1 was submitted to the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2008 and ranked 10th.


  • Supports R4/M3 Simply skins that are converted to .gif.
  • Has a file browser for booting NDS files.
  • Boots to MoonShell (moonshell.nds).
  • Boots to GBA mode.


Extract file and DIDL patch it.

If you use a Datel Games 'n' Music, use the pre-patched bootme.nds file (for Moonshell user, rename MoonShell to _DS_MSHL.nds and put it in the fshl folder in order to boot).

Place your skin in the fshl folder. Place on the root of your card.


flashcartos2.png flashcartos3.png


Flashcart OS: N 2.1

  • Fixed names larger than 6 characters (thanks cornaljoe).
  • Fixed bug that stopped hardware if fat3.dldi wasn't found.

Flashcart OS: Slot-1 Edition 2.0

  • Now uses iFile as the file browser (Thanks madcat1990).
  • Fixed GBA booting bug.
  • Changed the interface to look more like the R4 menu.
  • Change moonshell booting to boot /fshl/mediaplay.bin (Read readme.txt for more info).
  • Cleaned up the code and made it more stable.
  • Updated to r21 (R4 native skins will be avalible with having to convert them to .gif soon).
  • Done for the Slot-1 version. Onto you GBAMP users.


Chishm (For libfat and the Games n' Music DLDI Driver).

All people who have contributed to NDS Homebrew Development.

darkchild/madcat1990 for the permission to use iFile.

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