Pesca deportiva con dinamita

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Dynamite Sport Fishing
Last Updated2009/12/08
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Pesca deportiva con dinamita (Spanish) is a homebrew mini game originally made as part of a college project to demostrate the some features on the NDS. It is written in PAlib.

User guide

How to play

The goal of the game is to catch the more fish, or the bigger fish, or more of the bigger fish, or to put it simply: fish a lot!

You use a rod, but no lure: real rednecks use dynamite!

Move the dynamite while it is still falling. You can’t lift it, and if it touches the sand, that’s it.

When you think you’re going to catch aplenty, touch the dynamite and watch your results.

Maybe you want to know that the scenario changes depending of the time (night/day) and also the behavior of some of the fish.

Also the owl reacts differently to different scores. So if the owl looks at you like "¬¬" it means you can do better.


The game is in Spanish, but you can play the game without much issue since there is no dialog.

Some translations are as follow:

  • Pesca deportiva con dinamita - Sport fishing with dynamite.
  • Toca la pantalla - Touch the screen.
  • ¡Pesca! - Fish (verb).
  • Pulsa culquier tecla - Press any key.
  • Has hecho un record. Conseguiste x puntos. Puesto X. Nombre: - You got a highscore. You made x points. Top X Name:

It saves highscores to FAT, unless you are on an emulator.


Stylus - Explode dynamite

Left/Right - Move the dynamite

Down - Accelerate the falling speed of dynamite

Up - Slow down the falling speed of dynamite


pesca2.png pesca3.png


Tested on DSTT/TTDS (Wood4TT firmware 1.25).

Known issues

Very buggy.

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