PassMe2 SRAM Writer

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PassMe2 SRAM Writer
Last Updated2005/10/01

PassMe2 requires the SRAM of the GBA cart to contain code specific to the game being used. These programs will write the SRAM, just select game from the list.

Note: PassMe is obsoleted, a NoPass device as it will run on ALL Nintendo DSs and work all media devices available on the market. Also, there are Slot-1 solutions available now that do not require a Slot-2 media device. For more information please see here.


It contains 3 versions:

  • passme2_mb.gba - Writes the SRAM in GBA mode, does nothing in NDS mode.
  • passme2flashme.gba - Writes the SRAM in GBA mode, runs FlashMe V7 (with DSLite support) in NDS mode.
  • passme2flashme_stealth.gba - Writes the SRAM in GBA mode, runs FlashMe Stealth V7 (with DSLite support) in NDS mode.

Write the program to GBA cart (or CF/SD card), boot DS in GBA mode, select game, press A, insert passme2 in DS, turn off DS, turn on DS.

If using the FlashMe versions, you need to disable the loader/menu in your flash software.

The FlashMe versions do not run FlashMe on M3 or Supercard.

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