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Last Updated2007/08/18

Slash-N-flash is a generic flasher which can flash whatever files your heart desires. It is aimed to make the process as simple and user friendly as possible.

It was one of the contest entries for the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2007 (PSP Applications).

User guide

How to use:

You can flash anything from individual files neatly organized as you wish (through the folder named folders), all the way up to entire themes also organized as you wish.

You can also save precious flash space for themes (through the folder named themes) with the click of a button - backing up your files as well.

Several examples are provided by the author (as well as tutorials in the readme).

Note from developer:

It is strongly recommemded that the first thing to do when you start the program is to go to Tools> and back up your Flash0.

If you plan on using the Theme function of this program, make sure the data.txt included in your themes are made accordingly.

The data.txt's currently included are only meant for 3.52 M33 (It should not cause bricking your PSP instead an error message would appear).


This is for any Custom Firmware version. However the theme files included are intended for 3.52 M33 only.


V3 2007/08/16

  • GUI Updated.
  • Theme option totally revamped:
    • Flash ANY theme guaranteed.
    • All files supported.
    • Flashes original files first so theme is the way it's intended to look.
  • File browser is updated, and can now flash ANY file ANYWHERE you wish on the flash0 drive.
  • Tools supports more options now:
    • When saving flash space, SlashNFlash creates a backup so you can reflash the files.
    • Launch RECOVERY Eboot if anything wrong happens (Reflash to previous Firmware eg. 1.5).
    • Dump the entire contents of your flash0 drive (Used for backup).
    • Format your flash1 drive to reset settings.
  • Everything basically updated.

V2 2007/03/28

  • GUI Implemented (Font, background image, cursor image, sound effects).
  • New Theme Option:
    • Create themes and flash them (topmenu_plugin.rco, 01-12.bmp, ltn0.pgf, system_plugin_bg.rco, opening_plugin.rco, system_plugin_fg.rco, photo_plugin.rco, game_plugin.rco, impose_plugin.rco, system_plugin.rco, gameboot.pmf).
    • Backup your currently applied theme (Goes into the 'backup' folder).
  • More destinations to flash to in file browser.
  • Free up some space in your flash0.

V1 2007/03/06

  • Shows all files located in their corresponding folders.
  • New FileBrowser Option:
    • Browse your memstick and flash any file you want to.
    • Delete any files you want.
  • USB Mode.
  • Change the default folder:
    • ms0:/SlashNFlash/OR SlashNFlash/Folders/
  • Various error checks to ensure a safe flash.
  • Preview Mode is Back.


  • All of SlashNFlash is coded by Slasher.
  • Eboot gfx and background gfx done by Pharonyk, huge thanks to him.
  • Little arrow gfx is done by mjfmurray, thanks to him as well.
  • Huge thanks to Inacor XMB team for allowing me to include their 3.52 Glass theme.

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