New Caisse DS

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New Caisse DS
Version23 October 2008 Final

New Caisses DS is a Sokoban clone originally created by Hiroyuki Imabayashi. It is a remake version of Kukulkan's own homebrew game, Caisses DS (not a contunation of the project), it uses the 500 levels of the 1st version but created with a new engine with improvements and added features.


  • New background music.
  • Transition effects between screens (horizontal curtains, vertical curtains, spiral effects).
  • 15 different backgrounds including 1 hidden.
  • 14 themes associated with 14 different characters.
  • Animation system completely reprogrammed.
  • Ability to take screenshots by pressing Select.
  • Can undo up to 192 movements (before was 100).
  • Summary table.
  • For the version with FAT, the choice of the theme and the background is saved.


Download and extract file.

Copy it to the root directory of the card.

User guide


Place the boxes that are shown on the set in zones marked for this purpose. Only thing that needed to do is move them by pushing them to their destination, these can be performed as well with you Stylus with the D-Pad, with the only exception that you can not pull the crates, so you must be careful with every move.


The 500 levels (levels 000 to 499):

  • 56 levels come from the Arcade version: Boxy Boy (c) 11/1990 Thinking Rabbit/Namco.
  • 163 levels of the Sega Game Gear version: Soukoban (c) 1990 Thinking Rabbit/Riverhill Soft.
  • 100 levels - Loma (c) Aymeric du Peloux/François Marques/David Skinner/Sven Egevad/Victor Kindermans/Michael Steins/Frantisek Pokorny/Arpad Fekete/Roger Delaporte.
  • 20 levels - Cosmonotes (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 40 levels - Microcosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 40 levels - Minicosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 40 levels - Nabokosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 20 levels - Picokosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.

The final level is created by the developer.

Cheat code

To unlock the hidden background:

  • Go to the Options menu, keep the X key pressed and press the word Options, a voice will say Excellent if you are successful.


D-Pad or Stylus - Move

Y - Change level

B - Reset level

A - Cancel a move

R - Music on/off

L - Pattern on/off

Start - Access to main menu

Select - Screenshot



Updated Thursday 23 October 2008:

  • Correction of 2 levels.
  • The 500 levels are now all checked and finishable (no more doubt about this).

Updated Saturday 13 September 13 2008

  • Fixed 40 levels, thanks to Mollusk and the PPC community (no more duplicates).
  • Removed the movement table to better see the top image.
  • Fixed a bug when displaying a level that was too large.

Updated 16 May 2008

  • Fixed levels 104 and 130, thanks to Mollusk and the PPC community.

Updated 3 March 2007

  • Creation of an icon for the game (thanks to WWW.DS-XTREME.COM site for the linker).
  • Press Start at startup to skip the intro screens.
  • Fixed sputtering in applause (thanks to J-War WWW.FURYKANE.COM).
  • Fixed a bug when loading the save game (thanks to YUS).


Master MOLLUSK for the C coding advices.