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Digger DS
Last Updated2007/06/26
TypeArcade Games

Digger DS is a quick port of the classic Digger game (originally by Windmill Software) to DS, where you have to dig around the map and eat all the emeralds or kill all the hobbins/nobbins to pass a level.

It was part of the NEO Spring Coding Competition 2006 and entered into the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


Download and extract file.

Place it to the root directory of the card.

Note: If you have a DLDI supported CF/SD (FAT) device, scores will be saved to digger.sco on the root of your card.

User guide

In DiggerDS, your goal is to either eat all of the emeralds in a level or defeat all of the baddies to pass the level.

Custom level packs can be downloaded at the Digger Remastered website and use them with DiggerDS by naming the file digger.dlf.

When digger.dlf exists, it will be loaded automatically at startup and scores will be saved in that file.

Replays recorded with the PC version can be viewed on the DS by copying the replay file to digger.drf.


D-Pad - Move

A - Shoot

Select - Pause

You can connect a DS Motion Card at anytime and use tilt to move instead of D-Pad.


diggerds2.png diggerds3.png

Known issues

There is no sound or music in Digger DS.

There is a memory leak that will cause the DS to freeze after a while, it's probably in Digger's SDL video code.


v0.2 2007/06/26

  • Fixed a memory leak in sdl_vid.c, vgawrite function. The game was leaking memory everytime it displays the score and this caused it to crash after a short time.

v0.11 2007/06/23

  • Recompiled with newer motion code/libnds. It should support MK-6 and DS Motion Pak now but I don't own those, so it has not been tested.

v0.1 2007/04/20

  • First release of DiggerDS with DS Motion Card support.

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