Ripholes in Rubbish

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Ripholes in Rubbish
Author(s)Craig Abernethy, Kevin Amoyen, Mee Cha, Chris Davidson, Max Lampert, Trevor Prater, Lena Chandhok, Malcolm Wyatt-Mair
TypePuzzle Platform
Version2009 Final

Ripholes in Rubbish is a puzzle platformer where a sketched character must rip and paste her way through notebooks, avoid obstacles, and solve complex puzzles in order to learn about the life of an artist, and eventually save her from peril.

This is a game designed by six programmers in the Computer Science: Computer Game Design program at UC Santa Cruz during their senior design sequence. The sequence is a three quarter long program that teaches the students how to work in team, giving them experience in an environment similar to that of the industries.

The homebrew was presented at the Independent Games Festival Mobile 2010.


  • Use of physics.
  • Inventory feature and collect items.
  • Main play mode.
  • Ripping and pasting.
  • Sketchbook selection.
  • 4 levels (child, preteen, teen and college).


Download and extract file.

Copy it to the root directory of the flashcard.

User guide

The world of Ripholes in Rubbish takes place in a sketch book. You play as a sketched avatar in an magical animated land. Her goal is to find her lost friend, Arky.

Riphole's core mechanic is your ability to rip and paste level elements and other game characters (doods, short for doodles). Although you can move and jump freely, they will not be able to complete all the levels without using the ripping ability.

The game is broken down into different levels, or sketchbooks. These levels are further broken down into pages.

The ripping ability's first noticeable effect is that it freezes time, allowing you to rip and paste anywhere within the main screen and within the same page as the avatar. You have a limit of three ripped objects she can hold in her inventory at any time, and objects can only be pasted once they've been ripped into the your inventory. Ripping creates a hole that you can pass through, such as on the page below or a page above if you are standing underneath it. Ripping in white space will create only a hole, and the blank paper is discarded by the avatar.

The ripping mechanic will also react differently depending on the media used to draw (or paint) objects into the game world. For example, acrylic paint is unrippable and can't be pasted over because it is such a heavier and thicker medium than the others found in the game. The majority of play experience will be the player running and jumping around the levels, ripping obstacles off the page and pasting them to create new routes to their goals in the level.


Stylus - Rip and paste

L/R - Switch to previous/next page

Left/Right or Y/A - Movement

Up/X - Jump

Down/B - show inventory

Start - Pause

Select - Restart, Quit

Option of switching between left and right handed controls.



Tested on:

Supercard DSonei (firmware 3.0)
Edge (firmware 1.6)