Marshmallow Duel DS

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Marshmallow Duel DS
Author(s)Sam Pospischil
[2 and Beta1 Download]

Marshmallow Duel DS is a standalone 2-player game built for the Nintendo DS console, based on the original Marshmallow Duel. The entire game engine was created from scratch, using the PALib DS development library.

It offers simple gameplay mechanics in a style similar to Super Smash Bros and is fully configurable through a plethora of options. The game engine is designed to manage low-level sprite routines efficiently and easily, leaving the higher-level game logic abstracted into its own tier of classes. The source code is released publicly under the GPL which is also available from the official website.

User guide

It is a 2 player deathmatch game of luck and skill where each player tries to knock their opponent into the deadly marshmallow pit or destroy them with one of the 18 weapons that randomly spawn in the map.

The game itself can be viewed via the top screen, while the bottom part of the DS displays the scores.


Start - Pause

Player 1:

Up - Jump

Left/Right - Go left, Right

Down - Duck

L - Fire

Player 2:

X - Jump

Y/A - Go left, Right

B - Duck

R - Fire


mduelds2.png mduelds3.png


Marshmallow Duel DS Trailer (pos pi)

Known issues

Boots sometimes display incorrectly.

Minor and infrequent animation glitches.

Boomerang can be thrown twice on rare occaisons.

Die while dancing setting stops victory dances from playing.

Just a heads up, the game may crash for you, especially in an emulator. It hasn't crashed in the week I've been playing it before releasing, but who knows.



  • All the 2-player dueling fun and excitement of the original.
  • 18 Fantastic weapons: Skull, 1000V, invisibility, mine, gun, TNT, boots, grenade, puck, parachut, hook, warp, net, shield, magnet, boomerang, weasel and dunce hat.
  • Finally, weapon selection and kill limit settings.
  • Character customisation and saving.
  • The wonderous ability to pause the action.
  • Exhaustive statistics tracking and saving system.
  • Stylus control for the main menu, pickups selection menu and character menu.
  • Configurable game options such as the number of pickups onscreen at a time, use of the bottom screen to show the pickups before they spawn, the number of rounds to play, and 'death while dancing'.


All code and some artwork by pospi.

Most game sprites are taken from the original Marshmallow Duel and used with permission.

Music and sound effects by Liam Alexander.

Beta testers - Sam and moles.

Based on the Marshmallow Duel universe © 1996 Duncan and Roger Gill.

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