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A lightweight file manager for the Nintendo DS. It features preliminary folder creation support and support for multi-extension files.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Put the according ".nds" file in flashcard/linker

User guide


Red Icon - Delete file/folder (detects automatically)
Card with pencil - Rename file (folders not supported YET)


Up/Down - select file/folder

A - open

B - back to parent folder



  • Fixed the typo (Folrder xD) (thanks to Josiah for telling me about this)
  • Canceling renaming was broken, now fixed (Thanks to Gh0st for telling me this)
  • Raised the number of files permited to show to 600 (Hope that's enough -.-)
  • Added check for deleting folders( if something goes wrong he'll warn you!)
  • Fixed a bug that ocurred when entering the first folder in the card's root!
  • iFile now says happy birthday :D (When the right time comes of course XD)
  • Source now under GPL License v3
  • Can now create folders! :D (may be buggy)
  • By Pressing "A" when keyboard on screen, it's the same as pressing enter
  • Added check for successfull folder creation
  • Now supports multi extension files (ie: is now identified as an image =D)
  • Fixed an extension bug (case is now ignored when checking file extensions)


  • Now deletes folders and subfolders (thanks masscat)
  • Now scrolls up and down (press up or down and hold it ;) )
  • DS now says hello :)
  • Cleaned up the "Current Dir" variable
  • Now displays the filesize :D
  • Fixed the warning window not disapearing when deleting a single file.
  • Added check for folder renaming (doesn't work yet :( )


  • Better aligned filenames :)
  • New icon
  • changed the app's internal name
  • Added a warning window in the top screen
  • Added the rename button
  • Rename now working (with a great help from the guys at GBadev) (But not with folders :( )
  • Copying now incorporated, BUT, I need feedback on how you guys want it to be :P


  • Added on the top monitor, the ammount of files in the folder
  • Now when you press B you will go to the parent folder
  • Added the delete button (Still working on deleting folders)
  • Added the delete confirmation (Don't want to delete any files accidentally now, do we? =D)
  • Fixed a bug that made one less item appear on screen
  • Fixed a bug that made the DS crash when deleting the last file in a folder
  • Fidex a bug that made the DS crash when deleting no files


  • removed the "." directory
  • Changed ".." to "Go to parent directory"
  • Gave "Go to parent directory" a different icon
  • fixed a bug in scroll when using pad

v0.10(First version)

  • Added backgrounds
  • Added Exophase+Palib Splashscreen (Do pay a visit ;) )
  • added icons for file types
  • iFile explorer code done.
  • buttons now work
  • Added touchscreen detection (even works on labels! :O)


Thank Spinal_cord, Michoko and masscat for a BIG help with filecopy and renaming and other things like workarounds.