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Play List M
Last Updated2012/03/10
TypeMedia players

Play List M (Spanish) is a music player for PSP. It allows you to listen to music through playlist, in conjunction with the PC application which you can use to create multiple playlists on your computer.

This is an entry from the Scenery Beta 2011 (PSP Applications).

User guide

Creating playlist from PC

Execute the exe file and install Play List M program. Connect your PSP via USB to the computer, press Search, and it will list all the songs that are saved on your Memory Stick.

Select the ones you want to have in the playlist by clicking Add, the playlist will be saved it in the folder /PSP/GAME/Play List M/LIST/ with the name of default.plm (can be renamed).


D-Pad - Move through the tracks

Square - Send file to conversion folder

Cross - Play

Circle - Stop

Triangle - Change tips

R - Next song

L - Previous song

Start - Exit

Select - Change playlist


v2.1 (PSP homebrew)

  • The application can be put in place of the Sensme.
  • Fixed the "fastscroll", now it works.
  • Added the option to decide whether or not to show the splash screen.
  • Added options menu in the list explorer.
  • Playlists are saved for further control (ms0:/PSP/GAME/Play List M/list).
  • Added yellow skin.
  • Added the possibility to choose a list to be displayed when starting the application (it is no longer necessary to call it "default.plm").
  • Eliminated the "tips" that were shown when pressing the triangle button .
  • Added the possibility of restarting or not the application when choosing another skin.
  • Fixed on the main screen when scrolling through a list and reaching the end there would get stuck, instead of going back to the first one.
  • Added pause function (at kalami's request).
  • Implemented MP3 Fix function (Play List M PC using ffmpeg.exe).
  • Added MP3 Fix file manager.
  • Added plm list builder.

v2.1 (PC application)

  • Written Installer (nsis code).
  • Added the function Drag and Drop.
  • Added option to sort the list (1 by 1 item).
  • Implemented MP3 Fix.
  • Added screen with credits.
  • Ffmpeg.exe is required to perform the conversions.

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