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GuitarSound DS
TypeOther Application

GuitarSound is a tuner for guitar and bass. It integrates the different guitar chords. This is the first project DS by fooshi. It is in French.

User guide

Click on the mechanics of the guitar or bass to play the note and change the tuning.

The drum machine has two modes, a "free" mode where you can test drum and mode "loop" to create his live drum loop. Part agreements is implemented with 108 agreements.

Guitarsoundds2.jpg Guitarsoundds3.jpg


Stylus - credits (start at menu), tuning, play note (arrows)

D-pad - tuning, play note


Version 1.13

  • Algorithm choice of chords
  • Structure of the various agreements and initialization
  • Display buttons on the handle
  • 108 agreements are included

Version 1.12

  • Fixed bug menu, guitar and bass
  • Optimisation of the source code guitar and bass
  • Addition of the frequency of the note
  • Added interface agreements
  • Changing the animated splashscreen

Version 1.11

  • General code optimization
  • Added animated splashscreen
  • Code optimization credit
  • Change of the guitar sound
  • Added the following tunings for guitar:
Standard Tuning
Tuning * 1/2 Ton
Drop D Tuning
Drop C Tuning
Drop B Tuning
Standard Tuning D
Standard C Tuning
Standard B Tuning
Baritone Tuning
Open G Tuning
Open D Tuning *
Open C Tuning
  • Added various low + low tunings:
Standard Tuning
Tuning * 1/2 Ton
1 Ton Tuning
Drop D Tuning
Tuning Drop Db
Drop C Tuning
Drop D Tuning / G
Drop G tuning
Standard B Tuning
Drop A Tuning
B Tuning 1/2 Ton
  • Added a drum machine with 12 drum sounds:
Free mode to play sounds
Mode loop to create his drum loops on the fly with a rate of 60 to 160 BPM

Version 1.5

  • Adding tabs in standard tuning and drop D tuning
  • Increase the volume of notes played