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TypePC Utility
Version3.0-1 (9 Aug 2020)

DPG for X (dpg4x) is a program that was designed to allow the easy creation of DPG video files on Linux, but now it can also run on OS X and Windows. DPG is a special format of MPEG-1 video specifically made for playback on a Nintendo DS.

Dpg4x is a program that tries to make the DPG video creation as easy as possible on Linux. Since version 2.0 it also runs on Windows and OS X.


  • Simple GUI suitable for beginners.
  • Includes lots of options for the advanced user.
  • Supports individual per-media settings when needed.
  • Multiple DPG version support, from DPG0 to DPG4.
  • Can process any video file playable by mplayer.
  • Encodes your DVD and VCD directly.
  • Includes subtitles support.
  • Ability to preview the encoding settings.
  • Drag and drop support from your favourite file manager.
  • Batch processing.
  • Multiplatform.
  • Multilanguage.
  • The dpg2avi script can convert DPG files to AVI format.

User guide

Dpg4x relies on mplayer/mencoder to do it's work, so any video file playable with mplayer can be converted to DPG.

Default Subtitles

If you have problems when adding subtitles to your videos, just include a subtitles file in the folder where the original video file is.

The name of the subtitles file must be the same as the video file, except the extension. To check that everything is ok, play the video file with mplayer (e.g. with the Preview button). As the last step, don't forget to switch to the SUBTITLES section and select Auto as the subtitles source.


Since version 1.2, you can encode the DPG video files to AVI format with the dpg2avi script. To use the dpg2avi script, set the DPG and AVI files as parameters. For example:

dpg2avi input_file.dpg output_file.avi

The dpg2avi does not read the dpg4x configuration files. It stores the temporary files in the output directory.


3.0 2020/08/06

  • Migration to newer frameworks (Python3, wxpython4, mplayer/mencoder 1.4).
  • Tested platforms:
    • Windows 10 (and also tested on Windows XP, no longer supported).
    • Fedora 32.
    • Ubunutu 20.04.
    • DPG videos verified on a Nintendo DS with Moonshell 2.10. 2013/08/22

  • Bug #7: Removing deprecated mplayer flag, "cbp".
  • Improved error messages and return code handling for newer mplayer versions. 2013/07/25

  • Bug #5: Windows installer updated to still locate the old MPlayer-p3-svn-34401.7z.

2.3 2012/10/14

  • New language available: French.
  • Support for DPG files: info window with thumbnail replace button, show video, converto to AVI.
  • Added input arguments to Dpg4x to be able to create dpg files from a batch job.
  • The dpg2avi and dpgimginjector scripts have been merged with the main program.
  • A new help button opens the user guide in the default web browser.
  • Fixed bug 3556834 - Old Windows mplayer download has been moved to other location.

2.2 2011/09/06

  • The new dpgimginjector script can replace the thumbnail image embedded in a DPG file.
  • Thumbnail support improved. Optional antialiasing with PIL.
  • The Windows installer can handle updates.
  • Fixed bug 3306088.

2.1 2011/04/10

  • New language available: Swedish.
  • Windows support heavily improved.
  • Project sources adapted for an easier package creation.
  • deb package available.
  • rpm package available.
  • Installer for Windows based on NSIS available.
  • New button to reset all configurations to the default values.
  • Better integration with some versions of mencoder (like Fedora's).
  • Lots of bug fixes.

2.0 2010/11/12

  • DPG for X can now be executed in Windows and MacOSX.
  • Support for individual media settings.
  • New language available: Catalan.
  • Lots and lots of other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

1.2 2010/08/25

  • The new dpg2avi script can convert DPG files to AVI format.
  • Added a "Media Info" button to gather information about sources.
  • Experimental OGG and GSM audio support. Disabled by default.
  • Various bug fixes.

1.1.1 2010/06/20

  • Fixed bug 3011287 - GUI does not scale.

1.1 2010/05/29

  • You can now use Dvd and Vcd as media sources.
  • The preview button now plays a real preview of the encoded file.
    • You can setup the preview's size from the misc settings.
    • The old behaviour is still available via the play button.
  • Fixed some bugs in the localization and subtitle's code.
  • Track values adjusted based on mplayer's documentation.
  • Added a new track setup for video.
  • DPG version 0 now only supports mono audio.

1.0 2010/02/05

  • First public release.