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Last Updated2010/06/29
TypeROM Patchers

DSATM, also known as DS Auto Trainer Maker, is a program that converts ARDS codes and lets you cheat on any cart. You can optionally add a enable/disable function. And lastly, you can add a slowmo function to the game either with the trainer or by itself.

It functions by converting AR codes into CPU instructions (ARM), then injects the instructions into the game and patches up all the loose ends so you can cheat in any game without any knowledge of hacking or coding at all.

User guide

How to use

  • Place the R4 formatted USRCHEAT.DAT into the same folder as DSATM if you want to load your cheats from there.
  • Load up the game you want to cheat on. Select the name to save the patched game as.
  • Click Database to load your cheats from USRCHEAT.DAT or to load the cheats in plain text format with the appropriate button (text file/clipboard).
  • Check the cheats that you want to use. If you don't need/want to change any settings (see below) then Click Patch game and you're done.

ARDS codes formats

  • The code parsing code is made to be as leniant as possible with formatting.
  • There is still one rule that should be adhered to in order to avoid any problems with the conversion process - Always label your cheat codes.
  • This is how the program detects where to place the next label at in the assembly code so if you don't label your cheats then it may cause some codes to get skipped over or an assembler error.

DSTT users

  • The DSTT can and will crash and corrupt your microSD card if you don't use the DSTT option.
  • This is due to the default RAM address used by DSATM to store the trainer code also being used by the DSTT.
  • On other cards it would just cause a white screen and nothing more but the DSTT must be accessing the FAT during this time.

About Settings

ARM7 Fix:

  • This option is mostly for people that have older carts that don't have updates for their software anymore. You will probably already know if you need it or not.
  • Place the donor.bin (arm7.bin extracted from another game) or donor.nds (game to extract the arm7.bin from) in the same directory as DSATM.

Execute every X cycles:

  • This controls the how often the cheat effects are applied.
  • There shouldn't be any slowdown problems executing every cycle but if you do then raise the number of cycles.

RAM address:

  • This is where the cheat function will be copied to in the DS' memory.
  • The majority of games will be fine with the default - 0x23FE000 (0x237F000 for DSTT) so don't mess with it unless you need to move the game due to crashes.

Online Resources





  • Fixed a bug where codes with Windows formatted returns (CRLF) text wouldn't get loaded properly (most noticeable when pasting from the clipboard).
  • Added support for games built with twlsdk.
  • Icon displays when you load a game.


  • Increased buffer sizes to prevent crashing when long cheat codes were loaded.


  • Added:
    • Loading cheats from R4 formatted USRCHEAT.DAT.
    • Loading cheats from the clipboard.
    • Listbox to select cheats from.
  • Removed:
    • DEADBEEF padding.
    • RAM dump analysis.
    • Simple/Advanced mode changing.


  • Fixed a typo that caused pointer (type B codes) to load to the wrong register.


  • Fixed *the other* bug with E codes that contained a bx opcode.


  • Fixed a bug with E codes that contained a bx opcode.


  • Fixed a bug with D7 codes.


  • Added an option for the DSTT -- It seems the DSTT can/will overwrite the memory around the default RAM address that is used for other carts (0x23fe000) and it causes it to crash hard. If you are going to be using a DSTT then check this option.


  • Small bugfix in type E codes.


  • Changed the way the game gets rebuilt -- now reads/writes in 10M chunks to avoid problems on systems with low RAM.
  • Built in support for ARM7 fixing -- place donor.nds or donor.bin (arm7.bin renamed) into the same directory as DSATM.
  • Removed some code that was no longer needed.


  • Fixed another bug in the C loop.
  • Added more code to detect if the binaries aren't getting written properly.
  • Added a search for the real end of the game to prevent breaking download play.


  • Fixed a bug in C/D1 loops.


  • AR codes are converted directly into ARM instructions so no external assembler is needed anymore. Also it eliminates the need for keeping track of labels that was needed for ASM generation which will make it less prone to bugs.
  • ASM source embedding is removed now.
  • ARM 9 hooking is removed as it wasn't ever really useful anyway -- ARM 7 hooking works 100% of the time.


  • Patching/rebuilding of games is now done internally for an immense improvement in speed and compatibility with all games - ndstool is no longer needed.
  • DEADBEEF padding only pads the arm7.bin now.
  • ARM9 embedding is removed - it won't be missed.


  • Added checks for ndstool.exe and arm-eabi-as.exe.
  • Fixed a bug with Type F codes.


  • Fixed a bug with Type C codes.


  • (M)astercode support added (autopatching only).
  • Fixed type D0 bug when it wasn't the last line in a code or immediately followed by a D2 line.
  • Added support for an E code asm hack when the address to hack != 0x23FE074.


  • Autopatching now ignores any of the Advanced settings (hook into, embed into, address, execution cycles) while in Simple Mode.
  • Fixed a problem with type E codes that resulted in ASM errors.


  • Changed the Autopatching method so it will work with carts that blindly execute the ARM7 at 0x2380000 (EZV and possibly others).
  • Internal changes to prevent bugs in the future with the binary placement/execution.
  • Suppression of ini saving message when patching in Simple mode.


  • Simple/Advanced modes added.
  • Better keyhandling in the slowmo function.
  • Execute every x cycles added.


  • Multiple codes on a line (XML formatting) support added.


  • Added support for double nested pointer codes (multiple type B codes in a row).
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the pointer address being reset to 0x0 before the end of a code.


  • Fixed bugs that occured when the last opened file wasn't located in the same directory.


  • Added support to comment out codes when first character in the line is '/'.
  • Fixed a bug with the trainer.asm generation when the code was too big.
  • ASM buffers made even larger.


  • Fixed type D4 codes.
  • ASM buffers made larger.


  • Added more support for the type C codes when used without type B.
  • Added more support for type DC codes.
  • Order of functions is changed -- only the arm bins are extracted before the trainer is assembled which makes it less time consuming if there are assembly errors.


  • Fixed a minor source code bug that only affected the enable/disable function.
  • Fixed a bug resulting from not having a blank line at the end of the cheat file.


  • Added multi-hooking so the cheat function gets executed by multiple IRQ calls.
  • Fixed a bug with type D3~DC codes - now uses r6 exclusively.
  • Added full support for nested ifs (types 3~A).
  • Internal improvement: cleaned up code.


  • Added type E codes (including AR hack codes that use 023FE074 012FFF11).


  • Fixed an oversight in code that forced 0x23FE000 for the trainer address.
  • Fixed type DC and 5 codes.


  • Asm code added to copy the appropriate number of bytes in autopatch mode.
  • Code buffer made larger to prevent crashing when using many cheat codes.
  • DX pointer codes fixed (hopefully for good).


  • Autopatching defaults to RAM address 0x23FE000 which will work fine for most games.
  • Bug fixed that caused an overflow on long cheat code labels.
  • Bug fixed that prevented text from being entered for the name when saving to the .ini.


  • Autopatching added. Should work with nearly every game.


  • Save ini function fixed so it actually uses the new values.
  • Bug fixed in key parsing routine that falsely removed Up.
  • Status list is now open by default.


  • Now a GUI app.
  • Slowmo and Enable/Disable keys config added.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added slowmo option.


  • Added recommended RAM placement to make it even easier to decide where to place the trainer function.
  • Fixed some bugs in the RAM dump scanning.
  • Changed some text for better readability.


  • Added a feature to create DEADBEEF padding to the game.
    • The arm7 and arm9 bins are padded with redundant DEADBEEF values so it is easy to tell what parts of the game will never be cleared.
  • Added the feature to append asm source code instead of cheats.
    • Drop the source file with extension .asm onto the program instead of .txt.


  • Fixed a minor mistake that lead to a huge bug when using the arm9 to embed.


  • Added ini support (load and save).
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed type F code.
  • Optimized type 6-9 codes.
  • Half word values had to be forced to be stored in long words because of a (very annoying) bug (bad immediate value for half-word offset) in the assembler so now trainers of any size should assemble right.


  • Fixed types C0, D6-D8.
  • Fixed type D codes following a pointer code (type B).
  • Optimized types 0-8, B.


  • Fixed a few bugs including direct loading of byte values that were put into the source as decimals and caused assembler errors.
  • Added an optimization to eliminate reloading of a pointer address that was just tested with the code line above it (ex: 62123456 00000000 / B2123456 00000000).
  • D3-DC code types are being worked on so there might be bugs in them still.


  • More internal improvements to eliminate redundant code.
  • Code types C, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8 added.
  • Supported code types: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D0, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, DC, F.


  • Many internal improvements to eliminate redundant code.
  • Optimization for data storage (ex: direct loading of a byte to a register despite the code being for a long/half word).


  • Minor bug fixes.
    • Code types D3, DC, F added.
    • Supported code types: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, D0, D1, D2, D3, DC, F.


  • Added support for multiple dump files to narrow down the search for free space to place the trainer function.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • Code type B added for pointer support.
    • Supported code types: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, D0, D1, D2.


  • New code types added.
  • Supported code types: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, D0, D2.


  • DSATM is useful now. It can handle code types 0,1,2 and can optionally have the code added to enable/disable all cheats (L+R+A to enable, L+R+B to disable).
  • Will be working on the conditional codes (types 6, 9, etc) and pointer codes (type B) next and hope to have them completed soon.
  • Please submit your compatibility or bug reports.

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