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SPC Emulator
AuthorGary Linscott
Last Updated2005/01/12
TypeMedia players

A SNES sound chip emulator using dynamic recompilation for the GBA.


Note: The rom builder requires the .NET framework version 1.1 or greater to be installed.

Simply run the rom buider in the same directory as the gbaspc.gba file and it will automatically find the current songs you have added.

Then click add files to add in more spc's. You can multi-select here as well (no support for moving or deleting files).

You can also add files from the command line using: gbaspcbuilder -add blah.spc blah2.spc

You may use wildcards as well, such as: gbaspcbuilder -add *.spc

BRR Compacting is a new feature that will fix all errors regarding songs running out of BRR room. Use this if your song displays a "BRR Error".


Up/Down - <ove the current selection

A - Start the current selection playing (Hold down L to use BRR compacting)

B - Stop the SPC and go back to the menu system


Version 0.3.1

  • Fixed a bug involving decoding BRR data crashing the emulator.
  • Fixed a long standing BRR decoding bug that caused some samples to be borked (improves sound quality on many songs).
  • Fixed a TCALL bug that was crashing some SPC's.
  • Included new rom builder.
  • Bumped the mixing rate down to 16Khz, I can't notice a huge difference in mixing quality, and the songs play much closer to full speed.
  • Included new BRR resampling method, use if your song displays BRR error.

Version 0.3

  • Completely rewrote DSP emulation, now much more accurate envelope handling.
  • Added all unhandled opcodes, shouldn't see opcode errors any more (if you do, let me know).
  • Reduced CPU speed to 1.024 Mhz, helps speed and is more accurate.
  • Fixed a few CPU bugs.
  • Emulated top 64 bytes of RAM banking.

Version 0.2

  • Fixed bug in BBS/BBC (inverted bit test condition).
  • Fixed bug in INC/DEC/INCW/DECW (not setting N flag properly).
  • Fixed envelope bug in DSP (didn't update envelope before turning channel on).

Version 0.1

  • First version to play back something recognizable.



  • Snes9X Authors.
  • Zsnes Authors.
  • Antiresonance.
  • Loopy.
  • Flubba.
  • Joat.

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