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Rythm Engine: Rythm Box Mod
AuthorBrick (BrickDev)
Last Updated2008/05/20
TypeMusic Games
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Rythm Engine: Rythm Box Mod, or RE:RBM, is a rhythm shooter game. The project was initially started out as a Dance-Dance Revolution clone and is written by Brick (aka BrickDev). The game comes with different degrees of difficulty with enemies, AI, and power-ups.

It was participated in the PSP-Hacks Homebrew Idol in 2008.

Note: The link is for v1 only (latest release is v2).

User guide

The objective of the game is to bounce your cube off the flashing walls while keeping in sync with the beat, and destory all the enemies with bullets and bombs.

Difficulty of each level is incdicated at the end of the title.

  • E - Easy.
  • M - Medium.
  • H - Hard.
  • G - Godlike (Very Hard).

There are 2 health bars on the top right corner of the screen. You will lose health on the upper one if you are attacked by enemies; the lower one is the rhythm bar which will increase when you hit the boundary of the rhythm wall, and vice versa.

During the game you will come across several type of power-ups (cubes with letters). By collecting them you can replenish the health bar, obtain new weapons and bomb.



D-Pad - Move through options

Cross - Select

Circle - Go back

In game:

D-Pad/Analog - Move

L/R - Rotate left/right

Circle - Throw bomb

L/R+Cross - Shoot

Start - Pause menu






  • You can now break in pieces big enemies.
  • New particle effects.
  • Different attributes for each weapon.
  • Different particles for each weapon.
  • Smoother particle effects.
  • Added new power-up (SHIELD)(has a small amount of hp).
  • Added animated effects for shield.
  • New power-up icons.
  • Added new boss-type enemy.
  • Added new enemy type.
  • Improved AI system(added more states , and mainly used by the new enemies).
  • Added menu sounds.
  • Added more particle effects(for bombs).
  • Highlighted (menu) elements are now flashing.
  • New score text effects.
  • Added menu sounds(nav/confirmation).
  • Lowered down power-up timer.
  • New theme.
  • New theme effect.
  • Some misc code optimizations.
  • Updated level editor to v1.c (from v1.a).


  • Scripting system.
  • Resource cache.
  • Level editor (you can easily create your own levels).
  • Theme manager.
  • Custom theme support.
  • State machine.
  • AI state machine.
  • Beat instructions.
  • Audio cache.
  • Particle system.
  • High score system.
  • Statistics system.
  • Power-up system.
  • Many different enemies.
  • Boss type enemies.
  • Animation system.
  • Resource coloring system.
  • Resource "stacking" effect (enemies can go "deep" into the screen,depends on AI state/bgm beat).
  • Resource collision detection (to put it simply: everything collides with ...everything).
  • Power-up icons.
  • Dynamic menu(s).
  • Input manager.
  • Replaced default theme.


Rythm Engine - Rythm Box Mod

Programming & art - brick

Beta testing & some nice ideas - hotrocker

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