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Last Updated2006/03/21
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FileAssistant is a multimedia file browser that allows you to browse any file on the PSP filesystem (Memory Stick, flash, UMD) and any remote file located on a FTP server through WiFi.

While connected to a computer (PC, Mac, etc) using the USB wire, it is possible to browse and update the files located on the PSP Memory Stick from the computer.

FileAssistant++ was a contest version submitted to the Neo Spring Coding Compo 2006 (PSP Applications).


  • Browse the file.
  • Display any pictures (PNG, BMP, TGA, JPG).
  • Listen to any music file (OGG, MP3, SID, SAP, SC68, YM, NSF, AHX, MOD) with DSP effects and spectrum display.
  • Playback any video file (AVI, MPEG, MOV).
  • Display text files (ASCII TXT).
  • Run Flash files (SWF).
  • Run PSP homebrew applications (ELF, EBOOT.PBP) and go back to FA++ while exiting.
  • Run any UMD (UMD:/SYSDIR/EBOOT.BIN) and go back to FA++ while exiting.
  • Run any Lua scripts (LUA) and go back to FA++ while exiting.
  • Classic file operations (delete, move, copy, create directory, rename, etc).
  • Fully customisable, use one of the skin pack or create yourself.


Version 1.2 is an experimental build that should work on 2.0+ using the eLoader.

It has a built-in SWF viewer that means 2.0+ can view SWF's saved on your Memory Stick without upgrading to 2.7.

Developer noted the latest version should work on 2.0+ though it hasn't yet been tested prior to the release.


  • Original idea - Lin JR.
  • Main Code - 71M ^ TiTAN, Shazz ^ TiTAN ^ MJJ Prod.
  • FTP client core - Liquid8d.
  • 3rd party libs - SC68 by BeN ^ OVR.
  • SAP Player - Adam Bienias.
  • SID Player - Christian Bauer.
  • ST Sound - Leonard ^ Oxygene.
  • SWF - Thatcher Ulrich.
  • NoFrendo - Matthew Conte.
  • FFMpeg - Fabrice Bellard.
  • LuaPlayer - Shine.
  • Homebrew SDK - PSPSDK by
  • Skins - Omnirage, Liquid8d, 71M ^ TiTAN.
  • Credits Screen - 71M ^ TiTAN (Code), Rebb ^ TiTAN (Music), Kenet ^ TiTAN (Splash Screen), Niamh (3D Objects).

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