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Author(s)Shawn Winkels

DS-DOS is an MS-DOS type clone, featuring a command line interface.It is a first filebrowser of it's kind. This text-based application allows user to view/copy/move/delete/rename files on memory card or built-in memory.

It also allows to boot other .nds binaries (users of certain cards may have trouble with this).

It was submitted to the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2008.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch it and copy it to the root directory of the card

User guide

Currently Implemented Commands (case-sensitive)

  • date displays the date
  • time displays the time
  • cls clears the screen
  • help displays help
  • ver displays DS-DOS version
  • del allows deleting of files
  • copy allows copying of files
  • move allows moving of files
  • ren allows renaming of files
  • dir displays a list of files and directories in current directory
  • cd change the current directory
  • lock locks the filesystem, preventing use of del/copy/move/ren
  • ulok unlocks the filesystem allowing use of del/copy/move/ren

To boot any .nds file, just type the filename (myndsfile.nds). If it is currently in a folder, type the full path unless the folder it resides in is the current working directory (folder\myndsfile.nds).

To use the extra device, a dldi file called "fat3.dldi" is needed, which is a renamed dldi file of the other device you want to use. To boot an .nds file on the other device, type "fat3:\myndsfile.nds". Copying, renaming, moving, and deleting all work this same way.

For some reason, typing any commands larger than five characters long, may break certain commands. To fix this, press Start to restart DS-DOS (file must be named dos.nds).

Known issues

Keyboard not working with the R4 cart.


Version .45

  • Fixed names larger than 6 characters (thanks cornaljoe)
  • Fixed bug that stopped hardware if fat3.dldi wasn't found

Version .41

  • Added Ability to copy files between cards

Version .21

  • Added NeoFlash compo splash screen

Version .20

  • Fixed some copy problems
  • Cleaned up "dir" command
  • Added "lock" and "ulok"
  • Added restart by pressing Start
  • "cd" is still broken
  • sound is still broken