Pipe Nightmare

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Pipe Nightmare

Pipe Nightmare is a recreation of PipeDream. Some features created in this version are the ability for the flow of water to split and be joined, rocks to stop the user from placing pipes down, dynamite to blow up rocks, and land if missused. For developers, it shows the blending of 2 backgrounds to allow transparency.

It was submitted to the Spring 2007 NeoFlash Coding contest.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch it and copy it to the root directory of the card


Create as long of a continuous connection of pipes as you possibly can without the water escaping.

User guide

Classic: Contains only the pipes from the original game(based off of NES version). Pipes include straight, elbow, crossover, fat pipe, multipliers, oneways,start, end, and tunnels.

Modern: This version has extended features such as T splits and Cross splits to increase and multiply the flow of water, thin and squiggly pipes for style effects, holes and rocks to stop you from laying down pipe,and dynamite to blow up rocks, pipes, and landscapes.

Mode A: Pick your level and speed. You get 3 lives. To get to the next level, make sure you meet the required distance of pipes, otherwise you lose a heart.

Mode B: Start at level 1 and speed 1, with 3 lives, and see how far you can get before you lose.

Mode C: One time play, pick your level and speed, get the highest score you can on that level.

Level: Choose your level of difficulty to start at.

Speed: Choose the starting speed of the flow of water.


Every new drop = 10 + speed.
Thin Pipes = drop + 3.
Squiggly = drop + 6.
CrossSplit = (drop + 3) * 3.
TSplit = (drop + 2) * 2.
2Xspeed = (drop * 2).
CrissCross = drop + (5 * #CrissCross).
End Pipe = score * 2;
Replaceing pipe = -50.
Pipes left over = -100.



D-Pad - moves and changes options

Start - starts up the game

In Game

Stylus - place pipes on board, if there is a pipe underneath the pipe you wish to place, the pipe on the board gets destroyed and 50 points is reduced from score

A - increases the flow of water.



  • Dynamite has explosion animation