Maplevania PSP

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Maplevania PSP
AuthorNick Pizanias (NickyP)
Last Updated2009/08/25

Maplevania is a mod of OpenBOR, which is The game is a cross between Maplestory and Castlevania. It originally started out as a joke/parody project, and then became a serious game as time went on.

It has 3 playable characters and comes with OpenBOR version to play it with.


Simply use the eboot provided in the .rar.

Make sure to place MV.pak into PSP/Game/OpenBOR/Paks/.

Note: If you want to play this game on other platform, you can use OpenBOR version 3.2252 or higher.

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Ethan Belmont:

  • Every Castlevania game has to have one. Ethan is the Belmont this time, which means he uses a whip.
  • Ethan does moderate damage, moves pretty quickly, and is the quickest melee attacker. You can never go wrong playing as him.

Claus Moriarti:

  • Ethan's sworn brother. Claus uses a two-handed sword with one hand.
  • Because of this, he does more damage than Ethan, and his attack also has longer reach.
  • However, he also moves the slowest out of the three characters, attacks the slowest, and can't jump very high.
  • Tricky to use at first, but dangerous when mastered.

Amelia Delacroix:

  • Claus' fiancee. Amelia uses a pistol. Because the undead aren't really weak against bullets, she does the least amount of damage between the three.
  • She isn't without her advantages though; Amelia is the fastest moving and attacking character of the three.
  • As she's using a gun, she obviously has the best range as well.
  • However, unlike Ethan and Claus, Amelia's attacks can only hit one enemy at a time. Truly a more technical character, but is by no means impossible to play as.


Just because it seems like Claus needs to hit enemies as much as Ethan does to kill them at first, it doesn't mean he's just as strong. Enemies that take 3 or 4 hits to kill with Ethan take only 2 or 3 with Claus.

Not to mention, Claus can deal more single damage to bosses. However, for every 3 attacks Claus does, Ethan can do 4-5 because he's just faster.

Similiar to the above, an enemy that takes Ethan 2 hits to kill will take Amelia 4 hits. Keep in mind however that Amelia is not only faster, but has unlimited range due to her pistol. Isn't strategy fun?

If you ever come across an enemy that appears to be invincible, think again; you just aren't attacking them in the right spot.





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