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AuthorNino van Hooff (The Underminer)
Last Updated2009/11/02

PReSS, stands for Portable RSS, is a RSS reader for the Playstation Portable developed by The Underminer (Nino van Hooff).

This was one of the contest entries for the PSP-Hacks Homebrew Idol in 2008.


  • RSS reader (add feeds and viewed on the PSP).
  • ATOM/XML Feds.
  • AutoUpdate.
  • MP3/AVC/MP4 Download.
  • PReSS Personal (feed Catalogue).
  • Link to Bookmarks.



Users of 0.31 can update by subscribing to the PReSS updates feed found in the Catalogue> English> News category.

Fresh install:

Copy the PReSS data folder from the archive to the root of your memorystick. Copy the PReSS folder to your homebrew directory.

For M33 Custom Firmware users it is either:

  • X:/PSP/GAME/(where X is your drive letter) or
  • X:/PSP/GAME3xx/(where xx is your Firmware number).

User guide

PReSS Personal

Add your own feeds that works much like suggesting feeds for the public catalogue, but instead your feeds will appear in the Personal category of the selected language.

To use this service you will need a login. Click the 'Personal' tab on the homepage for more info.

Note: Only use the home button when the select button is unresponsive. The home button will exit PReSS, but most changes won't be saved.


Q. The PSP hangs when connecting (the activity indicator does not rotate for more than 5 seconds)?

  • Make sure your connection is set up properly.
  • Make sure that you are within the range of your access point. PReSS requires fairly good reception.
  • Make sure that your connection is not clogged by excessive uploading/downloading. BitTorrent is notorious for this; as well as limewire and other peer-to-peer applications.
  • It is a bug, this just happens sometimes.
  • Use the home button to exit press if all else fails.

Q. The feed won't download?

  • When a feed is downloaded for the very first time; it might take longer, because the server has to completely process it.
  • Retrying is very likely to help; because the server will have cached the feed, allowing for faster download.
  • Because of waiting times that can be very long; I included an activity indicator. If the circle doesn't move for 5 seconds, you'll be waiting forever.



D-pad Up/Down - Previous/next topic

D-Pad Left/Right - Prev/next clickable item (images and links)

Analog Up/Down - Scroll topic

Square - Pin/un-pin topic (keeps a topic from expiring)

Triangle - Take screenshot (saved in the PReSS folder)

Circle+Left - Show/hide feed window

Circle+Up - Show/hide topics window

Cross - Action (image enlarge,link,download)

L - Previous feed

R - Next feed

Select - Exit & Save

Start - Settings menu

Home - Exit (without saving changes, advised to use Select instead)

D-Pad Right+Triangle - Emergency delete. Deletes selected feed.

D-Pad Left+Cross - Update feeds

D-Pad Up+Square - Previous unread topic

D-Pad Down+Square - Next unread topic

Image viewer:

Triangle - Show/hide info bar

Circle - Exit viewer

D-pad Up/Down - Previous/next image

Analog Up/Down - Scroll image

L - Previous feed

R - Next feed


D-Pad Up/Down - Prev/next item

Square - Repeat on off, Automatically downloads or plays all


PReSS runs on the Firmware 3.xx kernel. It cannot run on 1.xx and 2.xx firmwares.

Supported firmwares are all 3.xx Custom Firmwares, including those for the PSP Slim.

Known issues

Unsupported characters. Some characters can not be displayed properly, and instead are rendered like a box.

Dropped spaces. For some feeds; the spaces around links (wich are converted to plain text) are lost.

When a corrupted image is loaded; the PSP freezes. Your PSP is not bricked, you can hold up the power switch for 10 seconds to shut down the PSP, and then flick it up to reboot to the XMB.


version 0.4.1 2009/11/02

  • Fixed the crash when updating feeds.

version 0.4 2008/05/31

  • Full integration of http 1.1.
  • More stable due to reuse of connections.
  • Speed up through higher CPU speed. To compensate; the speed is lowered when idle.
  • The playing song now displays at the bottom of the screen.
  • 2 major bugs fixed.
  • And some minor ones.

version 0.3 2008/04/20

  • Slim support.
  • WPA and other encryption support.
  • Personal feed catalogue.
  • MP3 download and playback.
  • Pp4 and AVC video download.
  • Atom/xml support added.
  • More reliable: http 1.1 protocol for image download.
  • Ability to abort updating feeds.
  • Faster feed saving.
  • Remapped buttons (see read-me).
  • Support for larger images.
  • Real favicons instead of generic logo.
  • Faster panning in image view.
  • Viewfinder in image view.
  • Show/hide topics window.
  • Added to settings: Large thumbnail quality.
    • 0 = display image as a link.
    • 1-3 = image quality(only applicable for large images).

version 0.2 2008/01/13

  • Image full screen - Handy for comics or another way of browsing topics.
  • Added Newly Added category under catalogue.
  • Add links to browser bookmarks.
  • Auto-update.
  • Font size.
  • Hide feed view.
  • Feed update combo.
  • Next unread combo.
  • Faster saving/loading feeds.
  • Fixed leftmost pixel column bug: the leftmost column is simply not blitted anymore, which would display improperly sometimes.
  • Added activity indicator for feed download: if it doesn't move for 5 seconds; it never will.
  • Parrallel feed downloading cuts waiting time.
  • Improved unreadable character replacement.

version 0.1 2007/11/10

  • Initial release.


Coding: (PSP) The Underminer, (Server-side) SomeFool & The Underminer.

Graphics: The Underminer.

Special thanks to:

  • HomeMister and PiCkDaT for LuaPlayer HM.
  • SectorPrime for their help with the favicons.

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