Christmas Rush

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Christmas Rush
Author(s)Tim Liszak

A Christmas game that play as an elf an help Santa deliver presents on Christmas.

It was submitted to the DrunkenCoder's Christmas Compo in 2006.

User guide

Santa moves across the sky dropping presents from his sleigh. Your job is to catch the presents before they hit the ground and deliver them to the houses.

Each house has a chimney. After you catch the present jump onto the roof and put it in the chimney. The windows of the house will light up to indicate that house received a present.

Watch out for dogs. They will slow you down.


There are two game modes available.

Normal Mode: Deliver one present to each house. After a present has been delivered to a house you can not put another present in that house. Deliver a present to all the houses to continue to the next level.

Rush Mode: Santa drops many presents. Deliver as many as you can to any of the houses. You can deliver more than one present to each house. Deliver the specified number of presents to continue to the next level.

Try to beat level 15 on normal mode and level 10 on rush mode to unlock secrets.


Left/Right - move the elf

B - jump

Down + A - jump down from the roof