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PSP Filer
Last Updated2010/01/31
TypeFile browsers

PSP Filer is a homebrew application that incorporates a text viewer, apart from a hexadecimal viewer, a JPEG and PNG viewer. Although it has many options for more advanced users (such as Hacker mode to play Flash by hand), it can be used as a file explorer or UMD's.

It indicates the free space in the Flash, you can see the content of ISO/CSO/ZIP/RAR files. There is also a new function of binary editor.


  • Browse files in a tree shape.
  • Change time stamp and attributes of the file.
  • Expand and view contents of ISO, CSO, ZIP, RAR, 7Z.
  • Change file name.
  • Play wav and mp3.
  • View text file.
  • View BMP, JPEG, and PNG files.
  • Edit binary file.
  • Dump UMD.
  • Save and restore the flash memory.
  • View and edit flash memory.
  • Available in Japanese.

User guide

If there is Folder.jpg in the folder, it will be displayed, otherwise the first jpg file found will be displayed as a jacket image.

In the background operation mode, when the audio player is started, the operation changes as follows depending on the state.

When started from the file operation menu, the previous player is displayed as it is.

When Circle is pressed on the mp3 file or wav file, the previous player is discarded and the audio file at the cursor position is played.

Note: During background operation, audio playback may pause if the CPU load increases.


File explorer:

Circle - Open file

Square - Mark file

Triangle - program menu

Cross - file operation

R - Sort folder (Name, Extension, Size, Date)

L - Change file view (by Bytes, Kbytes, Mbytes)

Left+Circle - Move to home folder

Left+Triangle - Move this folder by default

Left+Start - Filter this folder by default

Right - Mark/unmark all in current folder

Analog Left - Trim file name

Analog Right - Expand file name

Start - Go to the next device

Left+R - Activate Hacker Mode

Select+Start - Exit PSP Filer


PSP Filer 6.4 Quick Demo (TechTablets)

How To Install PSP Filer Version 6.6 (PSP CFW 6.61) 2017 (Tech James)



  • Fix a bug that doesn't exactly calculate the file size.
  • Fixed a bug in the player audio.
  • The PSP does not crash upon the launch of the UMD.
  • Added playing time in the music player.
  • Fixed several bugs.

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