Kirby Vs All-Star

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Kirby VS All-Star

This is a DS homebrew platform game inspired by Kirby and varies Nintendo games like Super Mario. In Kirby VS All-Star, you have the ability to control the wind.

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Kirby and all of his video game hero friends all get together to party. Unfortunately, a villain (whose name and design remains to be determined) arrives and casts a curse on all of our heroes except one, Kirby. Our hero therefore decides to get down to work and kick the bad guys' asses.

Kirby can only be controlled with a stylus. To make it move forward, press and draw a line in the direction in which you want to move Kirby forward and then release the stylus. Once Kirby is rolling, you can keep pressing to keep him moving, but you can't stop him. It stops on its own after a while.

You can make Kirby jump by double tapping. Once it is in the air, other actions are still possible, and you can move it forward with the above methods.

To attach the enemies you simply tap on them.

You can also control the wind. If the wind is blown against the direction in which Kirby is moving, he will stop. In the same direction, it accelerates. The upward wind keeps Kirby in the air for a few moments (you can still move forward or jump). The downward wind knocks Kirby to the ground and flattens out, allowing certain passages to be passed. The wind also allows you to control small clouds on which Kirby can walk (these last 2 elements are not present in the demo).


Stylus - Move (tap and slide), Jump (tap twice), Attack (tap)

D-Pad - Control the wind


Tested on:

iTouch DS (firmware 3.2b)
R4 DS (firmware 1.18 and 1.19)
M3 DS Real (unknown firmware)
M3i Zero (Sakura firmware 1.30x)
SuperCard DSONEi (firmware 3.0)

Does not work on emulator.


Version 0.3

  • The game engine is almost finished (a few adjustments to be made).
  • Nothing on the top screen, but a hub should appear very soon).
  • Only one level is available, but 2 others are already ready.
  • There is no loss of life, no Game Over and no end of level detection. Bonuses are also not present.

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