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Last Updated2006/03/21

PSPJABBER is an IM (instant message) client for Jabber servers, coded by Davgav (David Galvez Roca). Compatible with most messaging systems: MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, IRC. It also supports Kopete icons.

It was submitted to the Neo Spring Coding Compo 2006 (PSP Applications).


Firmware 1.50:

Copy the content of FW150 folder in the ms0:/PSP/GAME/ on your PSP.

User guide

Connect to server

It has been tested on the following servers.

In order to use it you will need to have a Jabber account. You can get it from

There you can also see data that you will need when starting to use it, such as the port used by the server (5222 by default). Read the instructions to make it work with your MSN contacts.

To use Emoticons, copy Kopete's icons including the emoticons.xml file to change the icons.

It includes a music player that support the following formats UNI, IT, XM, S3M, MOD, MTM, STM, DSM, MED, FAR, ULT and 669.


Q. What are these symbols (like squares) in config.txt file?

The file config.txt it's in linux format.

To edit it in Windows use Wordpad or any other plain text editor, but don't use Notepad.

Q. Why I get an error where appear a musical note?

The config.txt file has been edited with a text editor that not support linux codification (like notepad).

ReInstall the config.txt file.

Q. Why the Wi-Fi led of my PSP turns off?

The Wi-Fi led of your PSP turns off because the conection has been lost.

There are an option in START menu to reconnect that should works.

Q. What options should have my AP to use with PSPJabber?

PSPJabber supports all configs that supports the PSP.

WEP passwords (or not) IP estatic and dynamic (if the IP it's dynamic will get more time to connect, but no to much if the light still is flashing).

Q. How I can test the connection?

Add yourself as contact (in START menu) an send a message to you.

You will receive it within a few seconds.


Start - Menu

L/R - Change Contact to send messages

Cross - Cancel

Circle - Confirm


D-Pad - Select a character

Analog - Change between upper/lower case

Circle - Insert selected character

Cross - Delete a character

Triangle - Insert space

Square - Enter/Send message

Known issues

The contacts will continue if you change the user account.

If the Wifi led get out you have to restart the app.

The default user cannot connect.

Always exit with start, or config won't be saved.


1.03 2006/03/21

  • Online Games: PSPTactics.
  • Custom Shortcuts (on the SELECT key when in keyboard).
  • Added ChatRooms.
  • Added option to choose wethen nicks or JabberID of the contacts.
  • Added an icon if another PSP is connected.
  • Added plugins (maybe online games).
  • Changed Wifi selector(this should work).
  • Corrected an error when receive a blank message.
  • Corrected english translation.
  • CONFIG.TXT and LAN (language definitions) files are now in full english (Sorry for - the spanish words).
  • usuariomsn, passwordmsn, pasarelamsn options are now useless.

1.02 2006/03/02

  • All text is now translated.

1.01 2006/03/01

  • Corrected an error on Wifi select. Now always O to confirm.
  • Added support for Kopete icons.

1.0 2006/02/28

  • First public version.


Code/Programmer: David Galvez Roca

Background: Jordi Puig

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