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This is a sudoku solver which is a port of a version of Calculator CASIO Graph 30 of the same name, originally by birslip.

This application was aim to train the programming.

User guide

Fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid (also called "boxes", "blocks", "regions", or "sub-squares") contains all of the digits from 1 to 9.


D-pad or Stylus - move on the grid

Purple button on top screen - change skin
Arrow at the top right of bottom screen - analyze/solve "very" quickly
Flags on the bottom screen - change Language

L/R or double click on same grid - turn on the grid selected digit

Y or "Delete" - delete the selected location

X/B - change the selected digit


v0.8 26/08/07


Graphic changes:

  • Top bar of the bottom screen
  • A loading for analysis / resolution
  • Different colors for the numbers found on the basis of the method by which the prog. was found
  • Uses personal information of the DS to choose the language startup (I do not know if it works let me know)
  • The selection area figures of the grid has been extended for a better selection
  • Functional method assumptions! -> All grids resolvable are resolved.

v0.74b 11.08.07


  • Bilingual choose by clicking on the flags on the right and left of the title.
  • "S" button for canceling the Speed ​​PA_WaitForVBL () for analysis / resolution.
  • Change the picture above.

v0.73b 11.08.07

Bug fix:

  • Thank you to Pouer which allowed me to find an error in my code that stopped too early resolution.


  • Solves some more figures.

v0.72b 11.08.07


  • Graphics: bottom screen on white background, 3 skins for the grid image on the top screen.

v0.71b 08.09.07

Bug fix:

  • Version 0.7aa a defect in its management methods it stops prematurely resolution!! (So ​​use this one instead of aillleurs has a new method of resolution).


  • New resolution method: solves many more digits mainly due to bug fix, D!

v0.7a 08.08.07

Bug fix:

  • Version 0.6aa a flaw in his method of using resolution plus (it provides a result éronné), use it (v0.7a) instead, thank you.


  • New resolution method: solves many more digits!

(I deliberately inserted the "PA_WaitForVBL ()" in the program for analysis / resolution so we can see the progress of these actions if a version without the "PA_WaitForVBL ()" you are interested let me know! !)

v0.6a 07.08.07

  • And here's a version with a basic resolution (only solves some numbers and some easy sudokus in full)

v0.5a 06/08/07

  • First version (still does not solve)


Thank you to her for Mollusk lib and advice he could give me.

Pouer thank you to the various councils and remarks that helped me debug my homebrew.

Thank you to Cid2Mizard to the idea of ​​a bilingual version.

Thank you to Gimp for graphics .... Linux live.

Thank you to No $ gba and DeSmuME.