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DsKara is a utility to play karaoke on DS with music on one side, the words of another and the script manages all. The older versions 0.9 includes 3 musics integrated into the rom.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Copy .nds and music files with /DsKara/ at the root of memory card

User guide

The following music are porvided:

Bet On It by Zac Efron from High School Musical
Don't Speak
Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day
Work This Out from High School Musical

To add music, place both music files, .Dsk(information on karaoke) and .Raw(song of this karaoke) in file /DsKara/.

Customize Karaoke


Create a text file (. Txt format) that contains the lyrics of the song. Clip the syllables by the slash / in order to distinguish and NO skipping lines (leave a blank line).

For example, the words "And if it's real well I do not want to know" would be:

And / if / it's / real
Well / I / do / want / to / know

Each line must contain up to 30 characters (excluding slashes). The DS has 32 tiles horizontally, 2 are removed for reasons of clarity.

At the end of writing the letter, add an empty line (to indicate to song). The newline is necessary so that the file created is then valid.

Create .Dsk:

Open Online Editor and fill in the fields. Leave Timestamps empty and confirm.

Rename the file to editor.dsk and stick in the folder /DsKara. Add the file editor.raw (corresponding to the music of the song).

Run DsKara and click in the Editor. You will see the information of the song.

START - start editing
A - light a syllable
SELECT - finished

You have created a file called "file times.txt" folder /DsKara.

Return to the Online Editor, fill in the fields again, but this time in the field select the file timestamps "file times.txt".

It only remains to put the.Dsk that originates near the .Raw of the corresponding song (must EXACTLY the same name).

Create .Raw

Install Audacity, import song .RAW and press Control+P to open the Properties.

In the File Formats tab, export uncompressed format select another, choose EXACTLY these values,

Achieve Format:

RAW (header-less)
Signed 9 bit PCM

User will have the option "Export to. Raw" from the File menu.