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Crazy Balls
Last Updated2010/09/01

Crazy Balls (Spanish) is a PSP homebrew game that contains the elements of Tetris and 5 in a row board game, made by Chimecho.

It was featured in the Scenery Beta 2010 (PSP Games, 2nd place).

User guide

How to play

The objective is to make rows of 5 balls or more, but as you move, three more will appear on the board at random.

The game begins on a board of 8x8 and will increase in size as we progress. Depending on the selected difficulty, there will be different number of balls in different colors on the board.

You can move 1 ball at a time, and by making a row of 5 balls or more that are in the same color (can be diagonally, vertically or horizontally) you can make them disappear and obtain points.

To move the ball, you will have to guide it by creating a path (horizonally, vertically or a mixture of both), you cannot however make the ball jump on top of others.

When you moved a ball without clearing any on the board, three more will appear.

Game modes


Obtain the maximum possible score to enter the top20, before the board is filled with marbles.

In this mode all difficulties are unlocked.


Eliminate the number of balls indicated in the lower right corner to pass the level.

After completing 10 levels followed by one difficulty, the next will be unlocked.



Cross - Enter the selection (when possible)

Right/Left - Change mode and difficulty options

Up/Down - Scroll through the menu

Scores (Score only):

L/R - Change difficulty to display

Circle - Return to menu

Up/Down - Scroll through scores

In game:

D-Pad - Scroll through the squares on the board

Cross - Select ball, Place ball in empty box

Start - Pause

Chime OSK:

D-Pad - Scroll through the keys

Cross - Press key

Start - Finish entering the nickname


Crazy Balls v.1 (ChimeGaming)

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