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AuthorMichael Chisholm (Chishm)
Last Updated2006/01/14
TypeHomebrew Launchers

NDS MP is a GBAMP NDS Firmware Hack. It allows you to run homebrews/NDS files from a compact flash cart using a PassMe, FlashMe or WifiMe. This is written in C (instead of ASM) and hence able to add a number of features.

Note: This is only for the GBAMP CF (Game Boy Advance Movie Player Compact Flash version). This will not work on the GBAMP SD (Game Boy Advance Movie Player Secure Digital version).


  • More compatible with CF cards, since it is based on my GBAMP CF driver.
  • No more need for _BOOT_MP.GBA to use the GBAMP default firmware.
  • Built in bootloader. Included in this zip is an example of how to use it.
  • Better maintainability. Since it is in C it is easier to read and change


Flash GBAMP using one of the included files.

Put a _BOOT_MP.NDS file on the root directory of the card.

If using a bootloader, put other NDS files on the card.

Start using a PassMe, WifiMe or FlashMe.

User guide

To use the normal firmware:

  • While turning on the DS, hold down Select.
  • Choose Start GBA Game from the menu.

To repair:

  • While flashing, press L+R+Select to run the repair utility.
  • Put Update.e19 in the root directory of your compact flash card, and update when asked.

Note from developer:

The manufacturers of the GBAMP SD have released an update similar to NDS MP. It is on the downloads section of the Movie Advance website.

Known issues

More risk to GBAMP firmware. Since this is coded in C chunks of the firmware are removed to make it fit, which are just duplicates and should not cause any issue.

No ability to use _BOOT_MP.GBA anymore. You can still load it from the standard GBAMP firmware.



  • Nearly everything loads.

2006/01/13 v2.11

  • Disabled super hidden secret funtion.
  • Reloads settings from the firmware at each boot, to fix any corruption that may have occurred (thanks to joat for firmware reading routines on NDSTech Wiki).

2006/01/12 v2.10

  • Private version - super hidden secret function.

2006/01/04 v2.05

  • Changed cleared memory ranges for dumper compatibility.

2005/12/17 v2.04

  • Fixed startBinaryIWRAM_ARM7_size to the correct size, so now SnesDS for GBAMP will work. Thanks again to Loopy for finding this bug.
  • The loaded NDS's start cluster is now stored in the usual location (0x027FFFFC) in case the NDS needs it.

2005/12/04 v2.03

  • Modified firmware to stay in supervisor mode when starting an ARM7 binary. This should hopefully fix a few problems. Thanks to Gladius and Loopy for pointing this out.

2005/12/01 v2.02

  • Added wait for the compact flash card to be ready.

2005/11/23 v2.01

  • Updated to DevKitPro r17.
  • Fixed WifiMe not booting problem.

2005/11/04 v2.0

  • After bug testing, this version has now "gone gold" and is no longer in beta.
  • Source code released.


  • Added FAT12 support.
  • Renamed to NDS MP.


  • Big speed up when clearing memory - should have listened to Tepples earlier.
  • Fixed bugs in ARM9 reset function.
  • Start searching at root directory entry 0 instead of 1.


  • Made directory search case insensitive.


  • Fixed SCUMMVM loaded from MoonShell.


Large parts are based on MultiNDS loader by Darkain.

Filesystem code based on gbamp_cf.c by Chishm.

Flashing tool written by DarkFader.

Chunks of firmware removed with help from Dwedit.

GBAMP firmware flasher written by DarkFader.

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