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GSM Player
AuthorDamian Yerrick
Last Updated2021/07/07
TypeMedia players
2004 Download
2019 Source

GSM Player is an audio player made by porting the GSM RPE-LTP (also called GSM Full Rate) audio codec, which has been used in mobile phones, to the Game Boy Advance. Now you can use your GBA as a portable music player, with up to 150 minutes of Good Sounding Music on a 256 Mbit flash cart.

From mid-2004 to mid-2019, GSM Player for GBA went unmaintained, and changes to popular GBA homebrew toolchains rendered it unbuildable. The repository ports the application to a more recent version of devkitARM.


If building from source:

  • make build/allnewgsm-bare_mb.gba
  • padbin 256 build/allnewgsm-bare_mb.gba
  • Convert audio files to GSM at 18157 Hz (a nonstandard rate).
  • Pack them into a single GBFS file using gbfs included with devkitARM tools: gbfs gsmsongs.gbfs *.gsm
  • Concatenate the player and the songs.
    • On Windows: copy /b build\allnewgsm-bare_mb.gba+gsmsongs.gbfs allnewgsm.gba
    • On UNIX: cat build/allnewgsm-bare_mb.gba gsmsongs.gbfs > allnewgsm.gba

If building from Release 20040823:

  • Drop some .wav files in the wavs folder and then run Go.bat (Windows 95, 98, and ME users should run Go-win9x.bat instead).
  • This should produce a ROM called gsm.gba, which you can write to a GBA flash cartridge.


Left/Right - Previous/Next track

L - Seek left/right

Select - lock/unlock controls

Start - pause/resume playback

A+B+Select+Start - Reset GBA, such as to exit to your loader menu (works only on Visoly and F2A carts)

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