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AuthorPk11, Universal-Team
Last Updated2020/07/07
TypeSave Managers and Editors

Pokémon Chest is an application for the DS(i) that can store and edit Pokémon in the DS and GBA Pokémon games.


  • Loading save files from DSi SD, Flashcard SD, and retail cartridges.
  • Storing up to 50 (Flashcards) or 500 (DSi/3DS SD) boxes of Pokémon per chest with support for multiple chests.
  • Editing most Pokémon, trainer, and other save data.
  • Editing items in the bag.
  • Injecting pk* files from SD.
  • Dumping Pokémon to pk* files.
  • Translated to Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


Download and extract file.

Copy pkmn-chest.nds to your SD card.

If you see a nitroFSInit()failed... error then place a copy of pkmn-chest.nds at sd:/_nds/pkmn-chest/pkmn-chest.nds.


pkmnchest2.png pkmnchest3.png

pkmnchest4.png pkmnchest5.gif

pkmnchest6.png pkmnchest7.png

pkmnchest8.png pkmnchest9.png


v2.2 Easy config access, favorite folders, and various bug fixes

What's new:

  • The config menu can now be accessed with SELECT on the top menu.
  • Directories can now be added to the top menu as favorites.
  • The Fateful Encounter status of a Pokémon can now be changed.
    • In Generation 3 Mew must be a Fateful Encounter to obey.
  • Updated the chest to use PKSM's latest bank version.
  • A warning will now be shown before turning off if an exception is thrown.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed party Pokémon's stats not updating until moved to/from the PC.
  • Fixed the kerning on some characters in the font.
  • Fixed Korean being called 한국 instead of 한국어.
  • Fixed TM/HM pocket being called Poké Balls.
  • Fixed HMs not showing correctly in some Generation 3 games.
  • (@remicalixte) Fixed shiny star not hiding after moving off a shiny Pokémon.
  • Several bug fixes in PKSM-Core.

v2.1 Added Chinese and Polish and widescreen on 3DS

What's new:

  • Added top screen widescreen support on 3DS.
  • Added Polish and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional).
  • Chinese (Simplified) and Korean will now be used as the default language on DSi's from those regions in DSi mode.
  • Added a held item indicator in the boxes.


  • Redesigned / rekerned some letters (mostly unused ones).
  • Corrected arrow positioning in sort and filter menus.
  • The .cia version's title ID has been changed from #### to WPKA so you may have two copies on your home menu after installing this update, feel free to install the old one.
  • Now /_nds/pkmn-chest/pkmn-chest.nds will be checked if pkmn-chest.nds is found in the current directory but is outdated.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash when viewing a female Frillish or Jellicent.
  • Fixed party Pokemon showing on the dump message in the party.
  • Fixed generated Gen. 3 Pokemon not having an ability and single ability Gen. 3 Pokemon's abilities being removed.
  • Fixed not updating party info after editing.
    • Fixes problems like requiring a level up / putting in the box before exp would update.

v2.0.1 Bug fix update: Black Kyurem crash

What's new:

  • The NitroFS rom (sd:/_nds/pkmn-chest/pkmn-chest.nds)'s version is now checked and a warning will be shown if its outdated.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Black Kyurem causing the app to crash.

v2.0 Generation three support

What's new:

  • Added generation three save support.
    • This works from both save files and real cartridges (cartridges only on DS (Lite)).
  • Custom theming support.
    • Check the GitHub wiki for info on how to make a theme.
    • You can customize all images, colors, and add custom background music.
  • After dumping Pokémon it now shows an info box to let you know where it was dumped to.
  • Added Pokémon Center (Gen. 3) song.
  • Made a boxart for TWiLight Menu++.
  • .pk6 and .pk7 files can now be injected, however Pokémon added in generation 6 or 7 will not show correctly.
  • Added setting a Pokémon's OT to the current trainer from the summary.
  • Added pressing `START` on the top menu to exit the app.
  • A please wait message is now shown while dumping a save.


  • Changed Deutsche to Deutsch in the language names
  • Japanese and Korean now use and respecively instead of Pokédollars.
  • The core save code is now using a submodule shared with PKSM, PKSM-Core.
  • Some options in summary were moved, now the nickname is changed by clicking it above the Pokémon.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the first item from the next pouch showing in the previous pouch.
  • Block editing Key Items with touch.
  • Fixed wallpaper selection palettes.
  • Fixed Poké Ball palettes being wrong.
  • Fixed palettes for changing forms.
  • Fixed nature selection in the filter menu.
  • Fixed ability changing not working correctly in generation 5.
  • Fixed Italian DS's defaulting to Spanish and Spanish DS's defaulting to English.

v1.1 New update for the new decade

What's new:

  • Added Party Pokémon management from within the box screen.
    • This means you can now move Pokémon to / from the party.
    • Also removed the Party menu from the X Menu.
  • You can now type using the buttons.
    • Controlled with D-Pad + face buttons with L/R for modifiers.
    • Letter arrangement and 4 / 8 direction modes configurable in settings.
  • You can now type Hangul.
    • The input should work exactly the same as macOS 10.14's 2-Set Hangul input, including combining things into groups of 3+ letters, but as many of the more complex letter groups aren't in the font they won't show, once you type the next letter to split it out it'll show back up, though (ex. won't show, but on typing it'll split to 포케).
  • A preview of the flick character is now shown on 10-key keyboards.
  • The missing letters from Lithuanian and Russian have been added.
    • Cyrillic was completely redesigned to better match the style of the Latin letters.
  • You can now browse in subdirectories when injecting from pk* files.
  • You can now edit the items in your bag.
  • You can now filter Pokémon based on types, stats, etc.
  • You can now sort Pokémon based on types, stats, etc.
  • Added a notice to close and reopen the console if saving freezes.


  • Changing 's form now goes instead of .
  • Slot-1 isn't scanned when a flashcard is being used.
    • Fixes some flashcards such as the R4i Gold 3DS Plus.
  • The kerning on many characters have been improved.
  • Light background lists now have dark backgrounds so as not to need two graphics for lists.
  • Config has been changes to use a .json file instead of a .ini.
    • This means your settings from v1.0 won't be able to be loaded.
  • Switched background graphics to use 256 color layers and graphics.
    • This means flashcards and DSi SD can now both use all graphics as it freed up a lot of RAM.
  • Added Indonesian translation.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed type images being in the wrong language sometimes.
  • Fixed non-base stats being in the wrong order.
  • Fixed the last move / Pokémon / item / etc not showing in lists sometimes.
  • Fixed now clearing the release Pokémon prompt when clicking with touch.

v1.0 Out of beta

What's new:

  • Added editing a Pokémon's held item.
  • Box wallpapers are now supported and can be edited.
  • Added Portuguese and Lithuanian* translations.
    • Some characters used in the Lithuanian translation don't have graphics yet.
  • Changing a Pokémon's gender now makes sure the gender is possible for that Pokémon.
    • Changing species also makes sure to use a valid gender.
  • The system language is now used as the default language.
  • Added Twinleaf Town's song and re-added Pokémon Center gen. 5's song.
    • (a new mod of the gen. 5 pokécenter song).


  • Backups are now saved named the current date and time in a folder for the save.
  • The sound effects and music volumes have been lowered to ~75%.
  • Flashcards are now able to use more proper graphics due to some RAM savings.
  • On flashcards chests are now limited to 50 boxes (they use too much RAM if you go higher).
  • Money now has a Pokédollar symbol.
  • Updated the nitroFSInit() failed message.
  • Box top bar can now be touched to bring up the menu.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Pokémon sprites sometimes looking corrupted.
  • Fixed the yellow cursor mode being able to overwrite Pokémon.
  • Fixed crashing when changing the species when creating a Pokémon.
  • Fixed Castform's alternate form's data.
  • Fixed the arrow sprite overflowing into the shiny star sprite.
  • Fixed Korean saves not working.
  • Fixed BP using a u32 for Generation 5 games.
  • Fixed year being set wrong if not changed.
  • Fixed crashing if the met location was higher than the max in the vector.
  • Fixed box jump in chest not moving the cursor back.


Main Developer:

  • Pk11: GUI code, porting PKSM's save and bank management code.




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