UDemineur DS

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uDemineur DS
Version1.0 Final

uDemineur DS (French) is a Minesweeper clone for the Nintendo DS.

Note: Micro Lua DS is required to run this game.

User guide

Look for the bombs in the field based on the hints, a bonus level is available where you can pick field land.

Known issues

Huge bug graphic main menu button and Main Menu from the pause menu, only the DS; incomprehensible and makes money options inoperable.


Version 1.0 (final release) 21.8.09

  • The downloadable version uses relative paths, for use with No$GBA Test or MLS. To play on the DS, you must replace these paths by absolute paths (or relative position in the file lib ini.lua) (no longer necessary to be from updates μLua).
  • Minor aesthetic improvements.
  • Main Menu.
  • Options in the game.
  • INI file, the options are automatically written in.
  • The clock now waiting for the first click to start.
  • Integration of displacement of the grid (so you can play with a grid larger than the screen).

Version 1.0 beta 15.8.09

  • This is an intermediate version, waiting for the other features that constitute the real version 1.0.
  • Despite the presence of the "Options" button, they are not yet implemented.
  • Using this version of the lib StylusBox killer01 is used, please use it because it is a corrected version to v3.0 MicroLua.
  • Fixed bug counting the remaining mines in a new game.
  • Pause Menu.
  • Timed Parties.
  • Can start a new game playing.
  • It is now impossible to reveal a box with a flag.
  • It is now possible to place a flag on a visible box.

Version 0.1 8.6.09

  • Possibility of placing flags.
  • Count mines indicated by a flag.