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AuthorMichele Toriello (.:Mik:.)
Last Updated2008/12/06
TypeOther Apps

OSUp is a homebrew allows users to update through WiFi the OS of the flashcard. All you need is an Access Point and the correct settings for the DS connection.


  • Supported cards:
    • AceKard2.
    • AceKard RPG.
    • EDGE.
    • R4.
    • DSTT.
    • SuperCardDS One.
    • SuperCardDS One SDHC.
    • Cyclo DS.


Download contains 2 versions:

  • Acekard - Version exclusively for Acekard.
  • Standard - Version for all other supported cards.

To install, copy OsUp.nds (patched with DLDI) anywhere on your card and place the OsUp folder in the root of your microSD.

User guide

Launch the executable from the DS, following the instructions.

To enable/disable the auto poweroff function, press L and R, before starting the download of the OS.

Any users who have already download the version 2.5 of OsUp can upgrade this homebrew choosing update OsUp in the main menu of the program.

Note: Do not power off your DS while OsUP is updating your OS.


v2.7 2008/12/05

  • By popular demand, added support for CycloDS.
  • Improved skinning system by adding support for .bmp file (instead of the previous .gif choice).
  • Added "Save Settings" in the settings menu to save settings before update. In this way, you haven't to re-set the OS parameters (language, skin and so on) anymore.

v2.5 2008/10/05

  • Added customizable sound effects (you have to replace the default sounds in OsUp folder) source of default Wii sound: http://www.adiumx.com
  • Added auto update function to upgrade .:OsUp:. itself.
  • Added new menu controlled by both touchcreen and pad.
  • Fixed bug in the akrpg' download function.
  • Added second page for changelog viewing (press LEFT AND RIGHT or touch the arrows...if they aren't there, then the changelog doesn't have the second page).
  • Added the possibility to chose your favourite firmware between custom or official for Ak cards.
  • Added the "Settings" submenu with the support for the ini configuration file.
  • Added the Italian language.

v1.5 2008/07/26

  • Added autodetect function to recognize your card.
  • Added skin support (take a look at the sample skin placed in the OsUp/skin folder).
  • Added some graphic effect.
  • Added support for AceKard RPG (place OsUp.nds in the NAND of the card together with the OsUp folder).

v1.0 2008/07/06

  • Database moved on GbaRL's server.
  • Added support for DSTT, SuperCard ONE and SuperCard ONE SDHC.
  • New graphic.
  • Added progress bar.
  • Added Auto-poweroff function (switch with L and R).

v0.2 2008/06/26

  • Added support for R4.
  • Added simple GUI.
  • Added counter for download process.
  • Added counter for extract file process.

v0.1 2008/06/22

  • First release that support only the AceKard2.


Homebrew, Code and Graphic by Michele Toriello (aka .:Mik:.).

Tkanks to Aurelio ,Giovannin, SunDEV, Palib, Normmatt, Evrain.

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