Krystals DS

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Krystals DS
AuthorNightFox (knightfox75)
Last Updated2014/04/13
Version20140413 final

Krystals DS is the revision of NightFox's Colors, the first game written by NightFox for the Nintendo DS in 2008. The game has been rewritten from scratch, with new music and backgrounds, using NightFox's Lib to overcome several bugs and to improve compatibility with more recent flashcards.

It was participated in the Neo Coding Compo 2013 and ranked 3rd.

User guide

The main objective of the game is to create groups of 3 or more gems of the same color in any direction. A greater number of stones removed in the same movement, more score.

Your mission is to get as many points as possible before reaching the last level of the game (25). After the game, the score will receive bonuses for the level achieved, the maximum combo made and if you've reached the last level of the game.

Use the special gems to make better combos. The diamond-shaped gems, change the color of the gems touched by his. If a diamond-shaped gem touches the ground, all the gems change color randomly.

The white gems are also special. If a white gem touches itself to any other gem, all gems of that color will be eliminated. If a white gem touches the ground, the elimination of all the gems from the board.

A new feature has also been added in this remake version where there will never be a token with two gems of the same color, making it more difficult to carry out combos.


Left/Right - Move to the left/right

R/L - Fast move right/left

Down - Drop

B/X - Fast drop

Up/A/Y - Change Color Order

Start or Close lid - Pause

Select - Give Up


krystalsds2.png krystalsds3.png


NDS Krystals DS gameplay (Cesar Rincon Nadal)


You can play it on a DS emulator for PC, like No$gba or DeSmuME.


Version 20140413

  • Recompiled with lastest version of nflib and devkitPro.
  • Final release.

Version 20130921

  • Slow down a little max speed to make game easier beyond Lv15.
  • Fixed but that causes gems floats in the mid of the air if you move it just in the autodrop frame.

Version 20130829

  • Added sparkle effect on gems.

Version 20130823

  • Totaly rewrited all routines of gem elimination. This will bugfix some extrange cases and improve stability.

Version 20130820

  • Added some DC_FlushRange(); to ensure data is write down from cache to ram before use it. Hope this help to prevent random board corruption on real hardware (It never happends on emulators).
  • Modified score parameters.

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