PAlib Portable

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PAlib Portable
TypePC Utility
Version0.1 (15 Oct 2008)
[full and minimal Download]

A simple to use, GUI application which will copy the devkitPro folder, and patch various files to allow user to compile on machines without installing devkitPro or PAlib. Minimal and Full versions are available.


Download and extract file.

Copy everything to a flashdrive, cd, or whatever portable media.

You will need .NET installed on system to run the GUI app.

User guide

Run PAlib Portable.exe and select a source drive.

Confirm that the source directory listed is the directory to devkitPro folder that is in the same directory as the application (can be any install of devkitPro, but thats why one is packaged with it).

Click copy and wait for all files to copy. When receiving an Install Successful message you may exit the application.

To create a new PAlib game/application copy the template folder located in the PAlib directory. This contains pre-patched versions of build.bat, clean.bat and makefile to allow you to run them without setting any enviroment variables.

PAlib Portable (Minimal):

  • The minimal edition requires you to copy the contents of devkitPro folder to the one supplied. This is not recomended, because this may mess up patching of files. Eventualy on a flash drive, it'll still be the same size.

PAlib Portable (Full):

  • Comes bundled with everything (basic) needed to make DS homebrew applications/games.

Known issues

So long as using the latest version of PAlib and devkitArm r21, it should all go fine. When in doubt, just download the full edition (missing emulators/examples ect).