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AuthorAlexandre Rimbot (Kinow)
Last Updated2011/04/30

PsPixel is a pixel art sketcher for PSP created by Alexandre Rimbot (aka Kinow).

This is an entry from the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Supports French, English and Spanish.
  • RGB Color selection.
  • Keeps 2 pre-selected colors as Primary and Secondary Color.
  • List of “Most used” colors to easily switch back to your recently used colors
  • Save and Load with preview function.
  • 2 Pen sizes.

User guide


You can change the size of your pen to either 8/8 or 4/4.

Copy a color in the screen and it will be your new Secondary Color (Second Color). Look at the Color page and you will find your most used colors with the RBG.

Save and Load

Files will be saved in /picture/pspixel v2.0/ in PNG, the directory will be created. Name of the picture must have at least 1 character.

You can save it with pixels 1/1 or 4/4, please allow about 10 seconds of processing time if you have chosen 1/1.

It loads only these file extentions: png, jpg, PNG and JPG. You can preview the picture before loading it. It also allows you to delete the image during preview.



R/L+D-Pad - Change the RGB of the first color

D-Pad/Analog - Move the pen

Square - Change pen size

Circle - Paint a white pixel

Cross - Paint a pixel with your First Color

Triangle - Paint a pixel with your Second color

Select - Copy a color on your picture (will overide your Second Color)

Start - Open menu


Up/Down - Move cursor

Cross - Select

Circle - Go back

Save and Load:

Circle/Cross - Go back

Right/Down/Analog - Move cursor

Cross - Load file (.png and .jpg)

Square - Preview picture

Triangle - delete an image (only during Preview)


PSPixel (Eric de Brocart)


Version 2

  • New language: Spanish (thanks M0D).
  • New script: only one script now, not 5.


  • Now when it's time to save your picture you have a new page:
    • Select the name (and change it if you want).
    • Select the size of the pixels : 1/1 [new] or 4/4.
    • If you select 1/1, your picture will be the same but with smaller pixels.
  • The change-color function during only 1 second now (before it was 10 second).

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