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Last Updated2011/08/18
TypeOperating systems
Version2 update 6

Xplora is a PSP shell programed entirely in C, it gives your PSP a whole new OS to play around in, packed with lots of features and is written by ne0h.

It was participated in the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2008 (PSP Applications) and PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Autoboot at startup.
  • Add, rename or delete item to desktop.
  • Image Viewer, supports JPG, BMP and PNG files.
  • Music Player, supports MP3 and OGG formats.
  • Text Editor.
  • Arc Manager, supports ZIP and 7z files.
  • PMF Player, supports PMF file.
  • Homebrew Sorter.
  • Launch games and applications.
  • UMD Dumper.
  • Plugins Manager.
  • Internet broswer and Xplora Home.

User guide


To enable Xplora autoboot, add to the vsh.txt (seplugins) the file name XfwModule.prx under /Xplora/module/ directory.

The Firmware Module also replace (in memory, the flash0 isn’t touched) the XMB Gameboot Video with the one under /Xplora/themes/FwGameboot.pmf.


You can add/rename or delete an item to desktop, any internal application can be added selecting New link from the menu.

ISO/CSO files and PBP files icons are displayed as the file icon.

  • Image Viewer - Supports JPG, BMP and PNG that are not bigger than 512×512 due to hardware limitation.
  • Music Player - Supports MP3 and OGG (ID3 v1 & v2 informations). Low processor and so battery usage.
  • Arc Manager - Supports ZIP and 7z. Does not support RAR (as of Xplora 2 Update 06).
  • PMF Player - Supports PMF. Shell Integrated support, no need to use ext. apps or restart.
  • Text Editor - Edit your text files while listening to music or dumping an UMD Disk.
  • UMD Dumper - Dump your UMD directly to Memory Stick in ISO or CSO format, also the file name changes automatically depending on game title.
  • Nand Dumper - Dump your PSP Nand memory to Memory Stick if .bin format compatible with the most of the flasher applications.
  • Plugins Manager - Manager CFW plugins directly from Xplora with a simple but effective user interface.
  • Internet & Xplora Home - Surf the internet with full memory usage (PSP 2000+ only) and keep updated on the Xplora offical webpage.

Homebrew Sorter

Directories configuration can be changed editing XhbSettings.db (rename as XhbSettings.txt to edit).

Adding/removing any directory, for example CAT_Games if you have the Homebrew Categoriser Plugin.

Games & Applications

Start any application just as the XMB obviously returning to Xplora when exiting a game.

Directories config. are the same as the Homebrew Sorter.


Start - Autoboot

Start (during music playback) - Open main menu while screen is off

Select (during music playback) - Continue to play in background and turn off screen

Note - Change display brightness (6 levels)

Start+Home (in XMB) - Run Xplora

Home - Play music, Show desktop

Home (hold for a moment) - Edit text, UMD Dump

Triangle - Back

Cross - Open/Accept

L - Sort files

Analog/D-Pad - Move the cursor




[PSP] Xplora 1.8 Review (denizhacker)


Works with any PSP with CFW 4.01 onwards, as well as PSP with CFW 6.xx.


Update 06

  • Added support for PSP GO internal storage.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Fixed USB charging not working properly.
  • Fixed display unit selection not working properly.

Update 05

  • Improved German translation.
  • Fixed the bug in the operations menu.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the GUI.
  • Added Polish translation.
  • Revised the Application Manager.
  • 7z format has been added as File Manager.
  • Fixed various Bugs.

Update 04

  • Added module so that Xplora starts automatically when turning on the PSP.
  • Added three desktops , where we can put shortcuts to our favorite homebrews.
  • New image viewer, support for formats: JPG , BMP and PNG.
  • New music player, support for formats: MP3 and OGG.
  • New text editor.
  • Possibility of decompressing files. zip and. 7z.
  • Player of FAQ.
  • A homebrew sorter computer.
  • Possibility of running games and homebrew applications.
  • UMD dumper.
  • Nand dumper.
  • Plugin manager.
  • Internet browser optimized to use all memory on PSP 2000+.

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