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Marble is a complete remake of the classic wood labyrinth game, in full 3D (both screen) with realistic physics, mp3 music, on-DS visual level editor and more.

It was ranked 3rd in the the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008. It was voted the 18th Top DS homebrew in the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


  • Physics engine, with realistic collision simulation.
  • Full 3D on both screen, either as one big screen or with 2 different views.
  • Skybox to simulate 360° environment.
  • Advanced 3D effects: point light simulation, projected shadows, motion blur.
  • Full MP3 music & 3D sounds.
  • Special bonuses and scenery effects (let’s try this mushroom).
  • Integrated (on DS) full featured 3D level editor.
  • High score & progression saving.
  • 25 levels, with various environment and progressive difficulty.
  • Full motion sensor support.


Copy the marble folder found in the archive in the root of your flashcard.

Copy the file marble.nds (or marble.ds.gba if your flashcard doesn't work with .nds files) on your flashcard.

Apply DLDI patch corresponding to your flashcard on the marble.nds file if "error initializing file system" message is on loading screen.

User guide

Level editor

There are 10 slots available to save your custom levels. You can get the saved levels files on the /marble/editor/ folder of your flashcard.


Motion sensor - Tilt the board

Stylus - Hold in the center then slightly move in the desired direction to tilt the board (release to return to flat position)

Select - Screenshot in .bmp format on the root of flash card (game will freeze for a short time during the file write)



Version Preview 2 29/08/08

  • Lots of bugfixes in the level editor.
  • Fixed the lock element bug
  • Added an auto-repeat function to editor’s buttons, it’s now more user-friendly to adjust values.
  • Added top screen camera view smoothing, no more headaches when using DS motion.
  • Improved the stylus controls, it’s now less sensitive (use a quadratic scale instead of a linear one).
  • Added 1 new scenario with 3 new levels, to adjust difficulty progression balance.

Version Preview 1 22/08/08

  • Initial release.


Brunni, for his wonderful uLib used in this game.

Alekmaul, for his patience and his help with the DS motion support.

Archilolo, for his original music included in this version.

The community, for its support.