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Crazy Gravity Portable
Last Updated2009/04/25

Crazy Gravity Portable (CGP) is based on Crazy Gravity for the PC by Axel Meierhöfer. The game is written by The Underminer.

It was participated in the Neo Spring Coding Compo 2009 (PSP Games, 3rd place).


Copy the contents of the CGP_1.1 from RAR archive to the GAME5XX folder on your Memory Stick, where X is a number related to your firmware.

User guide

You are the captain of a freight shuttle on a far away moon base. Crazy gravity rules the place.

Your objective is to move cargo from their platforms to your homebase; Avoiding obstacles like cannons, magnets and one-way gates.

The following details are indicated (in-game interface from left to right):

  • Lives (top, semi transparant).
  • Cargo waiting to be shipped.
  • Cargo you are carrying.
  • Color keys you have collected (opens Color Gates).
  • Fuel.
  • Your time/Time to beat.
  • Landing indicator (Green is safe, Yellow signals warning, Red is to slow down or crash).

Note: The orginal level format used on PC is not supported for this port and they are created using the level editor.


Title screen:

D-Pad Up/Down - Select Option

Cross - Confirm

In game:

D-Pad Left/Right - Rotate ship

L/R - Rotate ship

Analog Left/Right - Rotate ship

Cross/Circle - Thrust

L+R - Centre ship upwards

Analog Up - Centre ship upwards

Triangle - Screenshot

Select - Settings menu (gameplay difficulty)

Start - Pause menu

Level Editor:

D-Pad - Cursor movement

Cross - Place brick

Circle - Delete brick, Cancel

Square - Edit obstacle properties

Triangle - Select brick/obstacle type

L/R - Decrease/increase brush size

L+R - Swap brush type (Square/Paint/Circle)

Select - Level propreties menues

Start - Editor menu


Crazy Gravity Portable Tutorial by Nino van Hooff.


Coding: The Underminer (PSP), Axel Meierhöfer (PC).

Graphics: Axel Meierhöfer, The Underminer (PSP adaptation).

Level Design: The Underminer.

Special thanks go out to: InsertWittyNane for PGE, community for the help and suggestions.


version 1.1 2009/04/25

  • Added 7 levels.
  • Decreased overall difficulty, approximates gameplay of PC version now: less gravity, less drag etc.
  • Fixed major and minor bugs. (For those who want to make their own levels, this update is highly recommended.
  • Doubled level loading speed.

version 0.1 2009/03/20

  • Initial release.

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