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PomDS is an emulator of the 8-bit home computer Apple II. It is based on various Apple emulators but particularly DApple and has been completely rewritten with a 6502 emulation in assembler.


  • Most things you should expect from an emulator.


Note: To use this emulator, you must have compatible DSK or NIB files. You must also have at least a bios of the Apple II and its disk drive (For resources, there is a large database in the asimov ftp or search for emulator like appleemu).

There are 2 versions of PomDS included, one very fast in assembler but with compatibility issues and the other version is slower but more compatible, it is advised to choose according to the disk that you want to run.

To install PomDS, DLDI patch pomDS.nds and copy it to the root directory of your flashcard/(micro)SD/MMC.

Be careful, you must put it at the root (as well as the rom files) of the flashcard/SD/MMC.

Put your dsk files in the directory that you want.

User guide

When the emulator starts up, click on the desired floppy drive to choose a file.

Use Up/Down to choose the file, then use A to load it.

The default upload file, if it exists, is called master.dsk.

You can also click on the pomDS logo to access the option menu.


Some games would not work because the are copy protected. You can try to desactivate Fastmode in the option menu, after that you must do a Reset for the Apple II, this tip can make theses games playable.

Be careful though, this mode often makes the program hangs. It is suggested to use this method at startup, load the file and do a Reset straight after.


Stylus - Keyboard

D-Pad - Direction key (keyboard)

A - 0 Key

B - L Key

X/R - Shift Key (can't be modify)

Y/L - Ctrl Key (can't be modify)

X+D-Pad - Move screen when you are in standard resolution

Start - Enter Key

Select - Space Key


Version 2.0 2008/11/30

  • Much faster since the integration of 6502 in ARM assembler.
  • Great sound improvement.
  • NIB format supported.
  • Sorting of the list of dsk and nib files.
  • New interface (a big thank you to zeblackos).
  • No need for Apple roms] [(integrated into the program).
  • Management of the DS standby mode (the closed cover pauses execution).
  • Addition of alpha lerp for a smoother appearance on the screen.
  • Addition the possibility of saving the screen in BMP format.

Version 1.0 2007/04/09

  • Initial version.


Bravo and thanks to zeblackos, Mess, dapple, applewin authors, members of the forum.

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